Priyanka Chopra Wrong Named By Hollywood Actors She Correct Like This

Priyanka Chopra, an actress who traveled from Bollywood to Hollywood, has now become a global icon. Recently she was in a lot of discussion about her autobiography ‘Unfinished’. In his book, he made many important revelations about his personal life, career, relationship with Nick Jonas and the journey from Bollywood to Hollywood.


Priyanka Chopra is once again in discussion. She joined Kabir Bedi at the launch of memoir ‘Stories I Must Tell’ through a video call. During this time, both shared their experiences of working in Hollywood. Then Priyanka Chopra told him that initially people in Hollywood were not able to take his name properly.


Indian artists had to change the name


Kabir Bedi told Bollywood Hungama that in Hollywood, characters were not written for Asian or Indian actors. The American audience used to get foreign-looking roles only to Indian characters. He told that he played Indian, Moroccan and many foreign characters. He also told that earlier Indian artists had to change their names to work in Hollywood.


Watch Priyanka Chopra’s video here

Used to call Shapra-Shapra


At the same time, Priyanka Chopra said that this does not happen in Hollywood anymore. There is no need to change the name to gain success in Hollywood. He said, “I didn’t have to change my name to work in Hollywood. Although many people called him ‘Shapra-Shapra’. But I told him how to take my name. If you can speak Oprah, then Chopra can also speak Yes. It’s not difficult. “


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