After Bollywood, actress Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra), who has shown her power in Hollywood too, is in discussion these days. Recently Priyanka’s book ‘Unfinished’ has been released. In which Priyanka has revealed many stories of her life. There is one such story when a director told Priyanka Chopra that Chadiya must be seen in the film. Otherwise people will not come to see the film. At the same time, Salman Khan helped him then.

Actually, according to a report by Zoom, Priyanka Chopra has shared the anecdote during the shooting of one of her films in the book. The film had a seductive song, in which Priyanka had to take off her clothes one by one. The song was long and Priyanka did not want to show her skin at that time. In such a situation, Priyanka had asked the director to wear an extra body layer. Because she did not want to show her skin.

On hearing Priyanka’s talk, the director said that she should talk to her stylist. The director had further said, ‘Chadiya must be seen, whatever. Otherwise people will not come to see the film. Priyanka did not like this about the director and left the project the very next day. However, this decision of Priyanka was also heavy on the director and when Priyanka was busy shooting for another film, the producer came to meet her.

Salman Khan co-starred with Priyanka in that film. Priyanka writes, ‘Mere ko-star Salman Khan was a big star of India. He understood the seriousness of the case and immediately came to the rescue. When the producers came, Salman talked to them and settled the matter. I don’t know what Salman Khan talked to him, but after that the way the producers talked was completely changed. ‘

It is worth noting that Priyanka Chopra, who has been called ‘Desi Girl’, is now playing danka in Hollywood too. Priyanka has also appeared in many Hollywood films till now. At the same time, Priyanka still has Hollywood offers. She will soon be seen in the film Text For You. Apart from this, she is also working in the film Matrix 4.


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