Actress Priyanka Chopra has recently launched her memoir ‘Unfinished’. Since then, she has been busy promoting this book. Recently, Priyanka accompanied her husband Nick Jonas on a promotional event. During this, he also answered some special questions of the fans. While here Priyanka told how she fell in love with Nick? Along with this, he also revealed about his first meeting. Nick also shared some interesting memories of his dating period. While making all these statements, both were lost in the old days.

Priyanka Chopra was questioned when she fell in love with Nick. Priyanka looked a bit shy on this question. He looked at Nick and said- ‘You remember when I came to the studio, after the Dodgers game?’ … Priyanka told that ‘So I came to the studio with a friend and I was shaken by seeing your energy. One thing to know about my husband is that when he wants something, nothing can come between him. They make the whole world believe what they believe in themselves. And this was happening to me also, I was going with this energy ‘.

Priyanka also told about the moment when she comes to know that she has some feelings for Nick. He further said- ‘The moment when I felt that I felt something for you was when you were running an event for gospel singers’.

At the same time Nick said- ‘So we met once and did not see each other again for 1 year. We met again for some time, then another year passed, after this we thought we give it a chance ‘. He further said- ‘We went to Hollywood Ball, it was a magical night. Then we went to the Dodgers game. When we came to know that we really like each other very much ‘. Nick told that in the next 48 hours, both of them were saying I love you to each other.


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