Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra), who has won everyone’s heart with her performance in Bollywood as well as in Hollywood, is in discussion about the book ‘Unfinished’ these days. In ‘Unfinished’, Priyanka has mentioned many parts and stories of her life. In such a situation, there is a mention in the book about Priyanka, for which she still apologizes and gets depressed.

Actually, Priyanka Chopra had advertised for a beauty cream a long time ago, which showed that her boyfriend is attracted to a white girl. In such a situation, Priyanka also uses blonde beauty cream to get her boyfriend back. Promoting blonde beauty cream, Priyanka considers it a big mistake in her life. In this ‘Unfinished’, Priyanka wrote, ‘Whatever has happened, I cannot go back in time and change it, but I can apologize and I apologize from the heart for it.’

Speaking about this, Priyanka said to ‘The Guardian’, ‘I am sad to see that advertisement. Actually at that time I used to see myself like that 13-year-old girl, who used to take different measures in the bathroom to get herself blonde. Recall that some time ago Priyanka had openly said in an interview, ‘I am proud of my dark complexion’. In the interview, Priyanka further said, “I will never say that anyone needs to be blonde, because only then you can look beautiful, because I don’t believe it.”

Apart from this, while talking about her nose surgery, Priyanka Chopra wrote in ‘Unfinished’, ‘I went to the doctor, which was recommended by my family. They found a polyp in the nasal cavity of my nose, which was to be removed. It could only be removed by surgery. It is a routine procedure, but it did not happen in my case. When I went for surgery for Polyp, the doctor accidentally removed my nose braids, due to which the nose bridge was damaged. When the turn came to remove the bandages, I saw the position of my nose. Me and mother, we were both scared. My real nose was completely gone. My face looked completely different, I wasn’t her. I was broken after seeing all this and lost hope. Whenever I saw the mirror, it seemed that the stranger was looking at me and laughing. ‘

Priyanka further says that I had lost myself and my confidence. I started feeling that I will never come out of this thing. This experience was very emotional for me and family, as my parents were also doctors. What hurt me the most was that my nose surgery had become a public affair. People were calling me Plastic Chopra. Suddenly this name started appearing in newspapers and articles, which followed me throughout my professional life.


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