Priyanka Chopra released video, read excerpts from her book

Priyanka Chopra has recorded the journey of her life in a book. The actress says that she still has a lot more to gain, so she has kept her book unfinished.

On Tuesday, Priyanka Chopra released a video on social media and said some things about the book. In this video shared on Twitter, Priyanka says that in the last few weeks she has been busy with the promotion of The White Tiger Film and later the book.

Priyanka thanks those in the video who have helped her in her career. She says that the purpose of this book is that people can know more about them. She also read excerpts from her book to us.

He has also shared a video on Instagram about the book. His voice is only in this video. She talks about her career in it. He says that my career depended a lot on my physical appearances. She says that her career was almost over before it started.


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