Priyanka Chopra hid her boyfriend in the cupboard after she was saved from her aunt, complained to the mother

Actress Priyanka Chopra’s book ‘Unfinished’ (Unfinished) can now be read by buying her fans and can also know many secrets related to them. The actress revealed in her book a funny anecdote of being caught with her boyfriend. In the book, Priyanka has also talked about some years spent in America, living with her relatives and going to school there. The actress told the story about falling in love with a boy and named her boyfriend as ‘Bob’.

According to the media report, Priyanka wrote that, ‘She used to study in class 10 and lived in the US with her aunt Kiran. At her school, she met Bob and fell in love with him. Bob gave Priyanka her own chain as a gift. He used to hold his hand in school. Priyanka could not bear her love. Interestingly, he had also made up his mind to marry her.

Priyanka further states that, ‘Once Bob and I were holding each other’s hands and were watching TV in the couch. Then I saw my aunt coming from the side window. I was terrified. It was two o’clock in the afternoon and she did not come home at this time. There was no way to go from Bob’s house. He and I ran to our room and I hid it in my cupboard. I told him to stay here till I send my aunt to bring the goods to the shop.


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