The life of Princess Latifah, the daughter of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has now become extremely difficult. After an unsuccessful attempt to escape, he is now under house arrest in the royal palace. Meanwhile, he has released a video about himself being caught and about his difficult life. Latifa, who first appeared in a video after moving back to Dubai, has told how she was caught and handed over to the UAE on March 4, 2018. Latifa, 35, says that 12 to 15 Indian commandos and two Emirati Sergeants boarded her ship. Latifah says that during this time, a man caught her and gave an injection that made her numb. Nothing was ever said by the Indian government about these allegations of Latifa.

The British newspaper Guardian had mentioned this in one of its reports. Latifa felt that she would be safe in India. He planned to take a flight to Florida after arriving. Latifa wanted to seek political asylum in Florida. However, this road proved to be difficult for her and in the end she failed when Latifa was captured just 30 miles off the Goa coast.

According to media reports, Indian Coastguards kept Latifa with them. There were reports at the time that ‘Agusta’s alleged middleman Christian Michel was extradited in return for India’s return to’ Princess’ Latifah who had fled from Dubai. The London High Court, hearing this entire case, had said that the one-hour video of Latifa is correct. The video also featured Latifa’s friend and martial arts trainer Tina. According to Tina, the people of the Indian Army were screaming and asking who is the latifa among you?

Now a video of Latifa has surfaced, in which she is saying that I am making this video from the toilet because it is a place that I can lock. Latifa said, ‘I am in a villa and I am held hostage here. The villa has been converted into a jail and around 5 policemen are standing outside. Even if I go out, I cannot even take the air outside.


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