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PRINCE Movie Review Tamil Talkies | Sivakarthikeyan, Sathyaraj | Blue Sattai: ‘Prince’ is a movie directed by Anudeep who is well known for ‘Jatiratnalu’. With this, he entered Kollywood. Anudeep opened it with the star hero Siva Karthikeyan. The special thing is that this movie is produced by Telugu producers Sunil Narang, Puskar Rammohan and Suresh Babu. And let’s find out what kind of result this movie has given to Siva Karthikeyan, who has already scored two hits back to back with ‘Doctor’ and ‘Don’.

Anand from Devarakota in Krishna district works as a social teacher in a school. His father Vishwanath was a gentleman of the village. He exhorts people to rise above caste and religion. He also breaks off his relationship with his daughter because she has a son. Anand, the son of such a man, falls in love with Jessica, a young British girl who is an English teacher at his school. Vishwanath, who has no distinction of caste, calls this marriage Samira. Moreover.. the people of the village are also ready to expose Anand. What did Anand do in such a difficult situation… to please his father and the people of the village? Why are the original people of the village now taking sides against the Britishers who left our country? How did Bhupati use Vishwanath as a pawn for his selfishness in this whole affair? That is the story of the movie.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

  • MAIN CAST: Sivakarthikeyan, Maria Ryaboshapka, Satyaraj
  • DIRECTOR: Anudeep KV
  • MUSIC: SS Thaman
  • PRODUCER: Sunil Narang, Puskar Rammohan, Suresh Babu

Anudeep’s movie ‘Jathiratnalu’ was a great success and everyone was impressed with his directorial talent. But… after that, the movie ‘First Day First Show, in which he presented the story, was a flop, and a seed of suspicion sprouted among all. They doubted what the condition of ‘Prince’ would be. For Siva Karthikeyan, who has become the carafe address of Tamil Nadu for comedy films, Anudeep is thought to be the right pair. However. Anudeep took a small point and nailed it with his own comedic touch. Anudeep makes good reasons for the villagers to hate him even if it is a coincidence that he falls in love with a British woman. But he did this and got kicked in the climax! Is patriotism important? Is humanity a priority? He brought up the issue that there is no humanity in patriotism. It doesn’t matter if the people understood his humanity and approved of his love! Apart from laughing for a while in the theater, there is nothing to say about this movie.

Siva Karthikeyan.. social teacher Anand acted very well. But even the minimum qualities of a social teacher are not attributed to that role. Naturally, in our movies, there is a comedian next to the hero.. but in this, the hero is the comedian! Similarly, Sathyaraj, who played the role of Viswanath, is in the same situation. His characterization is also comedy. Even if there is no subject in a man, he will fall for recognition. If there is any serious role in this, it is the role of the heroine Jessica. Gangai Amaran’s son Prem Ji appears as a non-villain. Most of the rest of the characters are Tamils! Unless the comedy scenes are written and the film directed, there is no logic anywhere. None of the Thaman songs are impressive. Ramajogayya Sastri’s literature also did not seem great. However.. the dialogues written by Bhim Srinivas exploded. If you go to the theater expecting ‘Jati Ratna’, you will be disappointed. But.. ‘Prince’ can be put in the time pass category!

Plus points
Comedy entertainer
Dialogues by Bheem Srinivas
Movie Run Time

Minus points
A weak story
An unimpressive article
Poor climax

Rating: 2.5/ 5

Tag line: Only entertainment!


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