The government is also troubled by the inflation of petrol and diesel

Price Of Petrol And Diesel Might Decrease Ahead Of Gujarat Elections: ‘Prestige fight’ with Modi’s own state ruling party BJP. The aim is to return to power by increasing the seats. Therefore, Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with the core committee of the party to announce the commission immediately. At the end of the meeting, the Ocher camp indicated that there are several new faces in the candidate list. Several sitting MLAs may drop out. The two active opposition parties are Congress and AAP. Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal’s party announced the names of 86 candidates earlier. On this day, Kejriwal asked what he would do for the people of the state if he came to power. On the other hand, Congress will announce the first phase list of candidates for Gujarat polls only after the party’s newly elected president returns to Delhi. He is at the Congress headquarters in Tanjore.

After 27 consecutive years in power, the anti-government air is strong in Gujarat. Then the accident of Morbi became like ‘poison on the lap’ of Gerua Shibir. The party and the government are eager to cover people’s anger. According to the sources of the Union Petroleum Ministry, the price of petrol, diesel, and gas may be reduced to win the hearts of the voters. Modi-Amit Shah’s party won the lowest number of seats in Gujarat last time out of five. Out of 182 seats, 99 are held. Congress gets 77 seats. Others are 6. Five years have passed in between. Padma Shibir had to change the chief minister in five years. Even that could not calm people’s anger. So, Modi-Shah-Nadda went to Gujarat periodically for the last four months to do ‘damage control. Organized meetings along with public project announcements. And in the last month, the heavyweight leaders have practically stayed in Gujarat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has announced several projects in his state in the last few days as well as making promises.

Amit Shah sat in a meeting with the core committee of the state immediately after the election was announced. According to the sources, besides the discussion on the election strategy, the list of candidates was discussed. The election committee of the party will hold a meeting within a day or two to finalize the first round of candidates. However, it is noteworthy that Amit Shah expressed his anger at the activities of several MLAs in this meeting. He ordered to exclude them from the list of candidates. About 24-25 such current MLAs are likely to drop out, according to sources. After the Moribar incident, Modi-Shahra is angry with the state administration and the party. Therefore, the Chief Minister’s face may also change, according to sources in the central office of BJP in Delhi.

On the other hand, the Delhi Chief Minister has raised concerns over the ruling BJP and the main opposition Congress. He has promised to provide free electricity, education, and better healthcare to the people of the state when he comes to power. Even if Kejriwal’s party failed to make an impact in this state in the 2017 elections, the political circles feel that it will make a dent this time. As a result, the lotus is not the hand. Everyone’s eyes are on whose forehead burns. Congress is making a flood of promises to push Modi and Kejriwal. Rahul Gandhi has already promised seven points for Gujarat. Among them, Soniaputra has announced several projects for free electricity up to 300 units, jobs for the unemployed, and labor welfare. Again the Gujarat Pradesh Congress was directed to send the names of two or three candidates per seat to Delhi. The names of the candidates for most of the constituencies have reached the office at Akbar Road, Delhi. According to Congress sources, Sonia Gandhi and Mallikarjun Kharge will give the final seal to the candidate list in a meeting with the state leadership this week.

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