Press Conference On Behalf Of Barak Democratic Front At Pensioners Bhavan In Silchar – Tripura News: Silchar (Assam), December 1 (H.S.): Barak Democratic Front organized a press 1conference on Thursday at Pensioners Bhavan in Silchar to respond to the Chief Minister’s speech at the end of the Cabinet meeting held in Silchar.

Addressing the conference, BDF Chief Convenor Pradeep Dattaray expressed gratitude on behalf of BDF for the announcement of a bunch of development projects for the Barak Valley by the Chief Minister at the end of the Assam Cabinet meeting at Silchar on November 29.

Welcoming the decision to transfer of GC College to State University, super specialty block for Silchar Medical College, infrastructure development of Civil Hospitals in Silchar and Lakshipur, two flyovers for Silchar, renovation of Karimganj Medical College, Mahishabil and Rangirkhaal etc. Will play an important role.

He gave a detailed speech on the day regarding the candidates for Chief Minister Barak, referring to the successful Barak bandh called by BDF on November 18. He said, there is room for some confusion about his statement. In which the Chief Minister said that by calling this bandh he has told the people of Assam that BDF Barak has no talent and the talented candidates of Barak have been insulted. This is a completely false accusation. The bandh was called on the claim that Barak has no talent and that Barak’s talent is being deprived.

He said that Rajdeep Roy, the MP from Silchar, commented that everyone knows that he passed less than Barak because he has no talent. So instead of BDF apologizing, Silchar MP should apologize to Barak Basi.

The Chief Convener of BDF said that the Chief Minister should not have called this bandh without knowing any information. But the first and one of the demands in the press conference last November 10 was that the government should publish the list of those who got the third and fourth class positions with the number obtained in the form of advertisement in the media. And from Barak to guarantee the appointment of at least one thousand candidates etc. The demand was that if these demands were not met within seven days, Barak Bandh would be observed on November 18. But the government did not listen to him. If the chief minister had given the information he is giving in the press conference and had published this list then maybe there would have been no need to call the past bandh. The passive role on the part of the government is therefore fully responsible for this. Respecting the spontaneous response of the people to the bandh, he thanked the Chief Minister for the information given in this regard.

BDF Media Cell Convener Jaideep Bhattacharya said if the figures given by the Chief Minister are true then a large number of candidates have passed from Barak this time and the result from Silchar constituency in particular is remarkable. Apparently and as far as the news weaves, it did not seem like it at all. However, trusting the information given by him, the list of those who passed the three districts of Barak should be published in the media within the next seven days, which was the first demand.

He said, according to the information provided by the Chief Minister, since 2021, Barak does not have as many posts as Barak, so most of them are employed in the Brahmaputra Valley. If so many candidates have got jobs from Barak in the third and fourth class and even in the police department, no one from the Brahmaputra valley should be employed in these positions in Barak’s office in Kachari. Because Barak’s first choice of local candidates will be this valley and only after the appointment of all the posts here, someone will be sent to the Brahmaputra valley.

Besides, according to this information, there is no possibility that anyone from Brahmaputra valley will be employed in these positions of Barak in the future. This will also be noticeable.
At the press conference, Chief Minister Barak spoke about the rationale of reservation for third and fourth class posts for locals. He said that in case of this reservation only the candidates of Barak will be deprived because there are not so many posts in Barak in proportion to the appointment. However, he then also said that if Barak’s rival wanted such a reservation, he could do so immediately by passing a bill in the cabinet. He was the first to make an election promise in this regard, but after failing to fulfill it, he expressed his inability to do so even if he wanted to because of legal difficulties. His statement is recorded in the records of the Assam Assembly. But in today’s press conference, he took a completely opposite position and said that he did not implement this promise to benefit Barak’s candidates.
Khaidem Kant Singh, another convenor of BDF, said that the number of passers mentioned by the Chief Minister here will not all get employment. Because after that an oral test will be taken even if it is of low marks. There is a possibility of 30 to 50 percent drop out. So against 5000 posts the main consideration is not how many have passed so far but how many are included in the final list. What is required of this oral examination is also unclear. The present Chief Minister took this decision in 2012 as there will be no oral examination for Class III and IV posts as there is a possibility of corruption. Then in 2016 the Naren Modi government at the Center took the same decision and a bill was also passed in the Assam Assembly. I hope everyone will agree that oral exam is meaningless for these posts as per general observation. Therefore, he demanded clarification from the government as to why the decision of this oral examination was taken against all the previous decisions.
He said that the Chief Minister has said that an affidavit will be filed in the Gauhati High Court against those who called the bandh demanding compensation. In this regard we have said before, we are saying again that any organization can call bandh. The constitution has given that right. if
There is a legal provision to claim compensation if there is any damage to government property, which prevents anyone from carrying out their daily activities. But none of those events happened in the past historic bandh. Barack’s people protested that day in a completely peaceful and democratic manner. There were almost no picketers, no coercion. So our democratic voice cannot be suppressed by these legal threats. This attempt is going on again and again during the tenure of the BJP government. Earlier, the Silchar MLA had threatened to take legal action against any citizen who did not submit Purkar within the stipulated time frame protesting against the abnormal increase in Purkar. This time, the chief minister of the state has insulted not us Apamar Barak residents with this threat, because the achievement of this successful bandh of that day is not ours, this bandh was completely people’s bandh.

BDF convener Ainul Haque Majumder said that Barak’s unnecessary administrative interference on betel nut sales should be stopped – this was one of the demands of the November 18 bandh. In this context, the Chief Minister said that this market will be freed from next month. But all the betel nuts have to go to the “howli” to be unloaded and then loaded to go out again in test order. The reasoning behind this decision is not understood and we oppose it. This process is easily possible at the check gate at Barak border. If it is in Hawli, the suffering of the businessmen here will increase, and there is a great possibility of several syndicates being formed with it. So this decision should be reconsidered. Besides, those who have made “Rota” should be allowed to sell immediately.

He said, another demand of our called bandh was that the central and state governments should be active to stop the unnecessary torture of non-tribals in Meghalaya. The Chief Minister’s silence on this issue has surprised us. Perhaps he avoided this issue due to political compulsion. Otherwise, as the convenor of NEDA, he could have assured Barak people, especially Bengalis, in this regard. In that, Barak’s acceptance among Hindu Bengalis as a fellow human being would have increased several times. If the Chief Minister has any real responsibility towards the voters of this valley, I hope he will open his mouth on this issue soon and take necessary steps. Because violence against non-tribals especially Bengali Hindus is increasing in Meghalaya. There is a good chance that these incidents will increase with Christmas and elections in Meghalaya etc. coming up.

Hrishikesh Dey, another convenor of BDF media cell, said that the Chief Minister warmly congratulated the people of Barak that lakhs of writings have been received from Barak on Lachit Divas. We would like to say in this context that we believe the people of Barak will never claim separate credit for this. Because they believe in harmony and feel united with the culture of this state. But the sad thing is that the long-standing demand of the people of this valley “naming Bhasha Shahid Station”, which is related to the emotions of the citizens, has been avoided by the Chief Minister on various pretexts. The arguments he has given in this regard are many and we do not think that these are important at all. We believe most of Barak’s Dimasa brothers and sisters support this issue, as we have evidence and are ready to give. We also do not believe that there will be any problem at the national level if “Language Martyr Station” is replaced by the name Silchar. So we would hope that respecting the sentiments of Barak Basi, the Chief Minister would immediately sign the assent to this file, without waiting for further debate in the Assembly.

He said that everyone has a bitter experience of how much the promises of political leaders turn into reality. However, there is confidence in the efficiency of the present Chief Minister and therefore all the projects that have been mentioned should be started within the next six months and in that case they themselves will welcome the Chief Minister with garlands.


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