In the US presidential election, 72 percent of Indian-Americans have said to vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. This claim has been made in a pre-poll survey. According to the survey, people believe that the country has moved in the wrong direction during the tenure of President Donald Trump.

The survey of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Johns Hopkins University-SAIS and Pennsylvania University included 936 Indian Americans.

The poll found that 72% of registered Indian American voters supported Joe Biden for the presidency. While only 22% said to vote for the current President Donald Trump. The rest either opted out or said they did not intend to vote. The survey was conducted between September 1 and 20. The results are expected to have a volatility of around 3.2% per cent.

Significantly, Indians are considered the second largest migrant community in America. Even though people of Indian origin account for one percent of the US population, the political and economic sphere is more dominant. Therefore, both Republican and Democratic parties are hurling Indian-American voters. The Democratic Party has even made Sena Kamala Harris of Indian-African descent even the vice-presidential candidate.

Overview Survey:

>> 01% share of people of Indian origin in US population
>>  22% said to vote for current President Donald Trump
>> There  is scope for fluctuations by 3.2% per cent in the results
>>  01-20 September Survey was conducted between
>>   John Hopkins University and Pennsylvania University Survey


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