The story of India’s Kovid-19 battle has changed a lot in the last one month. When the first wave of corona in India was at its peak after September, the country saw a steady decline in daily affairs and deaths for nearly eight months, bringing relief to the people. But its second wave, which started in mid-February, is now starting to scare. How bad is the second wave? Will things go as fast as before?

While India is increasingly engaged in vaccination of its people, let’s take a look at the second wave of infection here and its impact.

1) This time has seen the fastest increase in daily affairs since May 2020.

2) In the week ending 23 March, an average of 42,162 new infections were reported every day in India, the highest 7-day average since 28 November 2020. Last week, the number stood at 25,137. Compared to the previous week, every single day has seen 7.7% more cases than the previous day.

3) In the last week, an average of 199 people lost their lives every day on Kovid-19. This is the highest death rate since 13 January 2021. A week ago, 140 people were dying on average every day. This was the highest growth rate of deaths since June 22, 2020.

4) At the rate at which the corona cases are increasing, India will overtake the US by 27 March and Brazil by 2 April.

5) Brazil is currently the world’s most hotspot of covid. On an average, 75,570 new cases are seen here every day on an average. Next is the US, where an average of 54,141 new cases of Kovid-19 have been reported every day in the past week.

6) In total, out of 11,554,894 corona-infected people across the country, a total of 159,615 people have lost their lives as of Tuesday night. This puts the rate of deaths due to corona at 1.4%. That is, the rate has remained the same since October 2020.

7) It is worth mentioning that in the Corona Guideline on March 21, an appeal was made to the common man to celebrate the festival of Holi in the houses. Let us tell you that other states of the country including Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have also organized public places on the occasion of Holi and Shab-e-Baaraat to prevent the increase in infection spread from the second wave of Corona. Has banned all public programs.


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