In the three phases of Bihar Assembly General Election, preparations for packaging of protective materials have been started to protect 7.69 lakh election workers from Corona. In the first phase, packaging is being done for 2 lakh 25 thousand 941 electors. In these, the exercise of packaging the rescue material from Corona has been started by estimating the number of six personnel and 20 percent safe polling personnel for each polling station.

Also, protective materials related to Kovid 19 are being distributed to voters at all 31 thousand 380 polling stations in the first phase. In this sequence, instructions have been given to complete the packaging by October 15 for the second and third phase elections. 

The Health Department has directed the Bihar Medical Services and Infrastructure Corporation Limited (BMSICL) to provide packaging of protective materials to the election personnel and security forces across the state for protection against corona. Under the instructions, one packet of materials will be prepared for each polling worker for the rescue from Corona. 

Packaging will be done in Patna, Muzaffarpur and Purnea The
Health Department has decided to packaging the rescue material from Corona in Patna, Muzaffarpur and Purnia. Packaging has also been started by the officials and personnel of the Health Department at Gyan Bhawan, Patna. 

What will happen in a packet for polling staff 
– Hand sanitizer (100 mL / unit) – 1 unit 
– Three Ply Mask – 6 units 
– Face Shield – 1 unit 
– Hand galbs – 2 pairs  

What would be in a packet for Central Police and State Police Force
– Hand Sanitizer (100 mL / unit) – 1 Unit 
– Three Ply Mask – 2 Unit 
– Face Shield – 1 Unit 
– Hand Galbs – 2 pairs  

Also material for use of voters at each polling station 
– Hand sanitizer (600 mL) – 6 units 
– Thermal scanner – 1 unit 
– Disposable hand gloves – According to the number of voters 

The deputation of personnel from various sources and its arrangement will be done in coordination with BMSICL by the District Officer for the work of packaging of materials in the districts. Also, monitoring of packaging work has to be done. – Suffix Amrit, Principal Secretary, Health Department, Government of Bihar


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