Out-of-school children will be educated according to intellectual capacity in council schools. Preparations have been started to connect the out of school children to the mainstream. Examination of these children will be taken as soon as the school opens, the selection will be based on this.

There is a special exercise in council schools regarding out-of-school children. Preparation has been done in five stages to ensure that no child is left out of studies. After the marking of children in the first phase, registration and enrollment in the second phase, now the third and fourth phases have been fully prepared. Under this, the assessment of children will be done by taking the first test. Children’s intellectual ability will be judged in this. According to the age in which the child is to be admitted to the class, according to the training he will be connected to the main stream. 1059 training centers have been built for this. In this training center, special training will be arranged for all out-of-school children enrolled in the school according to their learning level. Tracking will take place in the fifth phase. It has to ensure that all these children are coming to school every day or not.

This is the objective of Sharda The objective of the
Sharda program is the identification, registration, enrollment, assessment and tracking of out-of-school children so that even a child is not deprived of education. An out-of-school child is defined as a child / girl between 6 and 14 years of age who is considered to be without school, if he or she has never been enrolled in an elementary school, or if there are reasons for absence after enrollment. Has been absent from school for 45 consecutive days or more without prior notice.

District Coordinator Amit Kumar, in the Community Participation of Basic Education Department, said that preparations for assessment and training of children have been started. As soon as the primary school opens from March 1, the learning level of the children will be assessed and training will be given accordingly. For this, 1059 training centers have been set up in the district.


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