Preparation Of Appam Aravana Started At Sannidhanam: With only two days left to open the temple for the Mandala Puja pilgrimage, the preparation of offering prasadam bread has started at Sabarimala. It started in a devout atmosphere. Devaswom Executive Officer H. In the presence of Krishnakumar, Melshanthi N. Parameswaran lit the Namboothiri lamp. The staff of Devaswom brought rice flour, jaggery, ghee, cardamom, and kadali fruit to prepare bread for Sharanam calls.

At present, 100 kg of flour is used for making bread a day. A koot consists of 70 kg of rice flour, 30 kg of jaggery, 1 kg of chuck, 500 gm of cumin, 10 each of kadalipala, puvanpajam and 11 liters of ghee. 846 packets of bread can be made from this. The rice collected from Irumudikattu is washed several times, cleaned, fried, and boiled in ghee at 300 degrees.

Prepare 42 loaves in a container and refrigerate for six hours before packing. Loaves will remain intact for six to 10 days. But when it is crowded, it is packed without cooling. The bread to the distribution center near Malikappuram is made on the spot with gas. Aravana and Appam manufacturing plants are working 4 hours a day. There are 256 Devaswom employees and 239 daily wage earners at Aravana counter and others.

There are two plants at Sannidhanam and Malikappuram for the manufacture of bread. 70 people work in the plant in one shift. Manufacturing is done in three shifts at the Aravanaappam plants. Saravana, the main offering prasad, is now a reserve of 10 lakh tins. Work is progressing at the Sannidhanam to increase the reserve to 15 lakhs at the time of opening. This time, a large reserve of offering prasad is being prepared in the hope that there will be a large number of pilgrims during the first days of the Mandala Puja.

As there will be a large flow of Ayyappa devotees this time, tight police deployment has been prepared for security and crowd control. This is divided into 6 stages of pilgrimage. ADGP rank officer has been appointed as Chief Police Coordinator. Joint Police Coordinator

Rai appointed an IG rank officer and 2 DIG rank officers as Additional Police Coordinators. It is also divided into three sub-zones namely Sannidhanam, Pampa, and Nilakkal. SPs appointed as Controllers of Police will be in charge of each sub-zone. Pathanamthitta District Police Chief will act as Special Liaison Officer.

A total of 13237 policemen will be on duty during the Mandala-Makaravilak season. Of these, 7369 will be on duty at Sannidhanam, 3215 at Pampa, and 2653 at Nilakkal. Sabarimala and its surroundings have been declared a special security zone. The police are also checking the virtual queue records at Nilakkal and Pampa.


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