Pratigya 2

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Aadarsh involves his room and is tensed. Komal asks what befell? Did something show up at work? Adarsh says i introduced a saree for sumitra with my first profits, i want to be a son of this residence, i don’t even get reputable as a son-in-law because i live right here. You recognize that sumitra burned my saree, what more must i do for this circle of relatives? They don’t receive me. Komal says i will go and confront her proper now. Adarsh says she have to be resting right now, you may talk within the morning. Komal says you are nonetheless concerned approximately her. I will move and alternate. She is going from there. Adarsh appears on the circle of relatives snap shots. He recalls how he framed shakti with the cash bag.

Then how he burned the saree that he gave to sumitra. He says after shakti, sumitra is next to be separated from komal. In the morning, komal is angry at sumitra but stops as adarsh pleadingly looks at her. Sumitra asks krishna why don’t you’re taking us out? Krishna says we will move nowadays. Sumitra says i must look after the family today however you may take meera with you, she is your spouse so you need to spend time along with her. Krishna says that’s a very good idea, he asks meera to make a listing of what you need and wherein you need to go. Meera says i want to eat street food. Krishna says permit’s pass. Pratigya is hurt seeing all that. Krishna and meera come to the market. Meera goes to consume gol gappas. Krishna seems at her and imagines pratigya. He smiles. Meera says you need a few too? He shakes his head. Krishna keeps imagining pratigya round him. He thinks to shop for a bracelet for pratigya. He goes and buys it. Tum toh performs. Pratigya sees her kid analyzing. She goes to them and sees sumitra round. She writes a observe to kriti that i need your assist in bringing lower back your papa’s memories, will you assist me? Kriti reads and nods. She gives it to garv however he tears it and glares at pratigya. Komal brings adarsh there and says i can talk to sumitra now. Komal asks sumitra why did you burn adarsh’s saree? Sajjan asks why is she taking away anger on him? Sumitra says what are you announcing? Komal says she is jealous of adarsh, you by no means preferred him, he keeps trying to win your heart however you need to throw him out of the residence. Sumitra says have you long gone mad? Why would i do it? Adarsh says i added the saree with love, you are like my mom. Komal says if all of us goes towards adarsh again then i gained’t spare them.

Pratigya looks on. Scene 2
meera and krishna come back domestic. Meera tells sumitra that krishna bought such a lot of presents for me. Sumitra says i pray no one can solid an evil eye on your love. Pratigya alas looks at krishna. Meera holds krishna’s hand and says let’s go and rest. Pratigya is hurt seeing them cross. Krishna and meera come to their room. Meera is going to exchange. Krishna sees his and pratigya’s image at the wall and is stunned. He thinks who placed this image right here? He shouts who brought this here? He breaks it. Meera comes there and thinks now my plan will play out. All own family contributors come there with pratigya. Krishna shouts who did this reasonably-priced comic story? How dare that man or woman. I’m able to display the usual of the individual in a minute, he glares at pratigya and leaves. Pratigya says i realize you people did it, you may’t conceal the truth for long. She goes from there. Krishna asks pratigya who else might positioned that photo in my room? I understand i would have loved you, i’d reflect onconsideration on you all the time but that is all incorrect. You could’t take my wife’s location and converting a image won’t make you my spouse.

Pratigya says i didn’t alternate the image, i was with garv and kriti the complete time and what’s wrong with loving every different? Krishna says i am already married. Why could you observed it’s incorrect? You would gain the whole lot but i’d lose my circle of relatives and my wife. From today, we are closing this chapter. You were some other woman and you’ll stay so. The flora of dance bars can’t be put in mandirs. Pratigya receives angry and slaps him. Krishna is bowled over. Pratigya says i’m sorry.. I couldn’t listen that. I am sorry. Krishna angrily leaves from there. Pratigya attempts to run behind him and says i’ve forgiven you often so it’s some time to forgive me. Krishna pushes her aside and leaves.

Precap – krishna is making meera devour along with his hand in front of pratigya. Meera tells pratigya that krishna is so happy with me, he doesn’t want you anymore. Pratigya says he can act best with you to make me jealous however he won’t get your call’s tattoo on his hand as he doesn’t love you. Krishna is in his room and appears at his wrist, he says why do i experience i had a name written on my hand?


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