Pratigya 2

Pratigya 2 6 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
krishna tells pratigya that i used to be dishonest on my wife? How could i do it? Pratigya says what are you saying? It’s now not like that. Krishna says you are attempting to inform me that i used to be dishonest on my spouse who i promised to be with? How should i? My circle of relatives turned into oblivious. Pratigya shouts it’s now not like that, you by no means cheated on absolutely everyone. You loved me and that i cherished you. Let me let you know which you didn’t realize the that means of love, you used to think that girls are simply gadgets, you started out respecting ladies after meeting me. Krishna says you suspect i’d do some thing incorrect with you once more? Pratigya says i fought with you to walk the right direction. Krishna says you are attempting to tell me that i used to be a man who cheated on my spouse? You observed you can idiot me with this fake love? This is all incorrect, this isn’t love however grime. He goes from there. Dua performs as pratigya breakdowns and cries. Krishna is in his automobile and thinks what befell? Pratigya thinks he nevertheless thinks meera turned into his wife. Krishna screams in anger.

Pratigya comes home and recalls krishna’s words. Sumitra shouts why are you again? You didn’t take your bags, wander away from this residence. Your acts received’t work now so simply wander off. Meera asks her to leave with peace. Sajjan says she doesn’t understand her kingdom. Pratigya asks in which is krishna? Sumitra says didn’t you hear that he asked you to go away. Komal says he could come and throw her out of the house. Meera says she simply wants to be insulted. She brings her baggage. Komal says why are you people in a hurry, that is krishna’s remember so allow him manage her.

Meera says i received’t supply her a danger. She holds her hand and begins throwing her out. Krishna comes there. Sumitra says she won’t go away so we are throwing her out. Krishna says she isn’t always going anywhere, he asks meera to depart her hand. Sumitra says why? You said that she would go away the house. Sajjan says you told meera that she can stay here and this woman needs to depart but you are changing your statements? Krishna says you need me to be silent like a pole? I have stated that she received’t pass everywhere and that’s my final choice, if each person has a problem with this selection then they can go away the house. Meera cries listening to that. Krishna holds pratigya’s hand, he takes her baggage and takes her within the house. Sumitra says he has gone mad.

Scene 2
meera tells sumitra that i ought to have left the residence, he doesn’t admire me. I’m not staying right here. Sumitra says so that you want to lose to pratigya, in case you depart then krishna gained’t comply with you, pratigya will have her course cleared. Krishna will forget you so there’s no need in leaving, simply stay here and think what to do now. Krishna puts pratigya’s baggage in her room and says you could unpack. He tries to depart however pratigya says you can’t even examine me, are you careworn? Krishna says i was riding the auto and had an twist of fate, you lost 1. Five years of your lifestyles due to my rash driving. You’re my duty, i will’t throw you out of the residence. He seems away and says i had an illegitimate dating with you but i need to personal up my mistakes. I will undergo this burden as a punishment. He is going from there and pratigya is harm. Meera is in her room and angry.

Krishna comes there and says i couldn’t observe your phrases so i am sorry. Meera smiles and says you probably did the proper factor, she is alone so wherein might she pass? It became my mistake to invite you to throw her out. Your happiness is my happiness. Krishna hugs her and smiles. He makes her sit down and says i am so fortunate to have an information wife like you. Kesar comes to pratigya and says krishna requested you to stay but you don’t appearance glad? Pratigya says however he’s questioning our love, he thinks our dating turned into filthy, i was the alternative lady. Kesar says he will don’t forget everything soon. Pratigya says i’ve that desire, he’ll quickly recognize that i was his actual spouse.

Precap – pratigya asks krishna what’s wrong in loving each other? Krishna says i’m married, you had been the alternative lady and you would stay so, forestall thinking about marrying me. I will’t take the plant life of dance bars to mandir. Pratigya is stunned and slaps him. Krishna angrily leaves. Pratigya runs behind him.


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