Pratigya 2

Pratigya 2 3 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Scene 1
the residence is embellished for komal’s wedding ceremony. Adarsh comes there, garv is indignant at him recalling how pratigya said she loves him. Adarsh greets him however garv shouts to not talk to me. Kesar says don’t communicate to him like that, he goes to be komal’s husband. Kesar tells adarsh that they may be accurate kids so they will come around. Sumitra scolds her that she must teach youngsters to behave, he goes to be our son in law so they want to appreciate him however you’re vain in relation to the kids’ upbringing. Shakti glares at her. Meera brings a lunchbox, kesar asks in which is krishna? Meera alas leaves. Sajjan seems on. Krishna tells his supervisor that i need that plot at any price, discover some way. Pratigya hears that. The supervisor says if you go for the payment these days then the plot could be yours. Krishna says then i’m able to go now, i have a few work on the house but permit’s cross there. Pratigya thinks i should go along with krishna to spend more time with him. Meera says i need to teach a lesson to krishna’s secretary. She calls his workplace, pratigya takes the decision and says i am krishna’s secretary, who are you? Meera says i don’t need to inform you who i am. What’s your name? Inform me proper now.

Pratigya says don’t communicate to me like that. Meera says do you realize who i am? Krishna comes there so meera ends the call. Krishna asks her to return downstairs. Krishna hugs adarsh and says you’ll be son in regulation of this residence now. He items him a vehicle, adarsh says i just need your advantages. Krishna offers it to him. Garv tells kriti that i feel like we should tell the reality to papa. Krishna hears that and says you can tell your uncle if you can’t talk on your papa. Shakti says they simply need a toy car, krishna says then purchase it for them. He leaves. Shakti shouts at garv that i am your father now and if you open your mouth then i might be awful. Adarsh is irritated because. Pratigya rushes to the manager and says i got a call from your spouse, she had a few emergency. The supervisor asks her to take the record to krishna and leaves.

Scene 2
pratigya involves krishna and says the manager had a few work from home so he asked me to go together with you. Krishna says i’m able to go alone. Pratigya says i’ve all of the files you need. I should go along with you. Krishna begins using and pratigya thinks about what to do to carry his recollections again. She performs a tune buddy. Krishna receives jittery and begins recalling a few blurry memories. Pratigya is hurt seeing him like that. She attempts to keep his hand however stops. Krishna stops the car and sighs. Pratigya asks what happened? Krishna says i had an coincidence.. Why am i telling you. Pratigya says you bought tensed so i asked, how did it occur? Krishna says i was riding my vehicle and a truck hit me. Pratigya says had been you on my own? Krishna says i don’t recollect. Pratigya asks him to relax and offers him water. She says incidents show up in lifestyles, she asks him to let her force. Krishna says what? Pratigya says you suspect women can’t pressure? We ought to reach the web site on time, krishna gives her the using consume.

Adarsh brings komal to his residence. She says it’s so dirty. Adarsh says i simply have this however we can make it domestic after marriage. Komal says we can live at my dad and mom’ residence. Adarsh says we can stay right here with love. Komal says there may be no facility right here, when you get a task then we can shift to a new house, allow’s cross returned to our mother and father’ house, for now, she leaves. Adarsh thinks i wanted this, i will make your existence hell. Pratigya and krishna cross to shop for the plot. He confirms the deal and leaves with pratigya. Krishna and pratigya are driving again, it’s raining and the tire is going flat. A person tells him that you received’t find any mechanic in this weather. Meera is worried for krishna and calls him. She asks if he’s quality? Krishna says i can’t pay attention you, he ends the decision. Pratigya says what to do now? Krishna says we need to find some safe location.

He finds a small hut and says we will pass there. Pratigya says ok. Krishna begins going for walks but pratigya begins playing within the rain. She laughs and says permit’s enjoy the rain. Dekho na plays, pratigya asks him to experience. She falls in his hands. Krishna drags her to the hut. Krishna attempts to ignore her however can’t. They each take a seat down, pratigya sprinkles water at him. He smiles.

Precap – meera thinks his secretary should be with him. Within the hut, pratigya takes off krishna’s shirt and moves toward kiss him.


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