On 12 February 1920, actor Pran was born. He started his career as a photographer before partition and then he met a filmmaker by coincidence. After this, for the first time, Pran appeared in the film ‘Yamla Jat’ in 1940. After this, Pran never looked back. However, after the split, actor Pran had to resume his film career in Mumbai.

Pran’s name comes from the number of actors who won every character on screen. It is said that their presence on the screen used to instill fear in the minds of the people and it was due to this fear that people had at one time stopped naming their children. Pran burnt some such life in the characters of the villain, even in reality people started to fear him. While Pran frightened the audience, on the other hand, the character of Upkar’s Mangal uncle, Zanjeer’s Sher Khan and Gulzar in the introduction of soft-hearted grandfather also touched the hearts of the audience.

Please tell that Pran was also very interested in sports. According to media reports, he used to have his own football team in the fifties. Pran was awarded with several awards during his lifetime for the best performance. Pran was very satisfied with his long career in the film industry and used to say that he would like to become Pran again in the next life.

By the way, Pran won the hearts of the audience with his performances in many films. But some of his films have been such that they can never be forgotten. The major films of Pran’s career include Kashmir’s Kali, Khandaan, Aurat, elder sister, the country in which the Ganges flows, Half Ticket, Upkar, East and West, They Chori Mera Kam, Chakkar Par Chakkar, Kalia, Rajatilak, Geeta of Sitapur , Includes Storm and Dawn. Significantly, on 12 July 2013, Pran had said goodbye to this world.


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