PPE Kit Corruption Allegation: Truth Out Let’s Come: PPE kits and medical supplies during covid Corruption in buying spare parts Complaints against Lokayukta Petition against Rigoni Moreover, yesterday’s decision of the High Court Invitations are very important. It is If the allegation is unfounded Why are you afraid of investigation? Tati is asking. Tragedy, corruption, and kinship Don’t forget to make a mistake Division Bench is headed by Chief Justice Remember the answerers Anyone can do anything in times of disaster. What does the court say?

Who is against global research? Gay Vakup Ex-Principal Secretary Ada They are the ones who are in opposition to Yi approaching the High Court. Consider the emergency situation According to the Disaster Prevention Act PPE kits and med in times of covid He also bought stone tools. It has special protection. The argument of the petitioners. So let him consider the complaint. They said that Kayukta has no authority. pointed out

The protection provided by the Disaster Prevention Act Says the name of the invitee and kills Azimi. What is relevant here is whether llah can also be planted. Maya matter. I doubt that it happened. Because it will be investigated and the culprits will be punished. Don’t worry. Political administration at the office level Questions the decisions made in Lattice. If you say you don’t want to yell Can you have The outbreak of the covid epidemic is impossible? Rana Sahacharyam was the same. PPE kits, masks, gloves and sanitizers Widely used Saha Charyam. They are essential. Considering the Rumpole shortage, the current But at a higher price. can But, do not complain about that. Try blocking the search. Increase doubts Do it. If everything is done with good intentions, then Are there efforts to convince you? don’t want

In this regard, the then Health Minister K.K. Shailaja’s proposal before us There is In the case of covid purchase, no Alo with Chief Minister BUY BY CURRENT DECISION Shailaja also said that looks were done. It’s stuck. He was in an emergency situation The first purchase was made. Saving people’s lives I have considered. Health workers injured 500 when the state of love comes I had to buy the PPE kit for 1,500 rupees. Don’t look at any price, people’s lives At first this ki is based on the belief that Nu is great. Bought by Govt ready to buy 50,000 kits at Rs 1,500 was dying. 1,500 kits will be sold at the market price. Ryan started. Subsequently, the order for 35,000 kits was canceled. Bought for the price in the box.

Kits cost three times as much to buy. This incident convinced Lokayukta. Shailaja also has the confidence that she can Show off. Speaker on December 8 Time for Shailaja to appear through The Lokayukta notice has been given. The argument of the former minister should be heard. 1. Let it be done. Corruption aims at public welfare and if there is no disorder It is also the world for others associated with Be convincing in front of the Lord. There is

Corruption in purchases during Covid Shailaja is accused of disorderly conduct. that the arguments of It should also be added to this. PPE Kits below Rs.500 Mahara at three times the price PPE from Sun Farm, Shtra There is an allegation that t was bought. How do you know that this is a scam company? The company says no. Sow things in general. Allowance of loan balance do However, distribution of PPE kits Before that, the private company had nine companies. T also complained that Rs. says in 12 crore worth of gloves. Britain by Greengrocers Allows import from There is more corruption than that. Accusation. Say that you don’t need to search for anything. If so, what’s the point? Th. Don’t follow the rules, general Janav has started to suffer. Turn a blind eye to any accusations. Can’t go. Justice, justice, and truth will always dawn. Must.


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