Poush Mela Uncertainty Continues, Vice-Chancellor Did Not Attend The Meeting Called By Visva Bharati Authorities: Uncertainty remains over Poush Mela Shantiniketan. The meeting of the district administration with Visva Bharati failed on Saturday. Because the Visva Bharati authorities called an important meeting about Shantiniketan Poushmela, but Vice Chancellor Vidyut Chakraborty himself did not attend that meeting. District Magistrate Bidhan Roy called the Vice-Chancellor. He did not pick up the phone.

The Deputy Magistrate and Minister Chandranath Singh and others walked out angry as the meeting was not held after about an hour. Before leaving, the angry district collector informed the sub-divisional administration that Visva-Bharati University is not cooperating with any work. Do not reply to any messages. The registrar of the university sent a letter through e-mail calling for an urgent meeting with the minister, district administration, Bolpur Municipality, and Sriniketan-Santiniketan Development Board. Due to this, there was a faint hope about Poushmela which was about to close.This initiative of Visva Bharati was welcomed by the members of the Bolpur Traders Association and Kabiguru Handicrafts Association. And the district administration and concerned circles were looking at this meeting whether the Poush Mela would be held in the Purvapalli field of Santiniketan. Handicraftsmen saw some light of hope based on that meeting. Minister Chandranath Singh, District Magistrate Bidhan Roy, Additional District Superintendent of Police Bolpur Surjit Kumar Dey, Bolpur Sub-Divisional Magistrate Ayan Nath, SDPO Bolpur Nikhil Aggarwal, Sriniketan Shantiniketan Development Board, three councilors of Bolpur Municipal Council reached the central library of Visva Bharati as per the pre-arranged schedule. District Officers. There were also fire department personnel. However, Shantiniketan Trust, the organizer of the fair, was not invited to the meeting.

The vice-chancellor himself did not attend the meeting, including the staff council and registrar of Visva Bharati. District Magistrate Bidhan Roy said that the Vice-Chancellor himself was absent after calling the meeting. He didn’t even show the courtesy to pick up the phone. Later, when two police officers were sent to the residence of the vice-chancellor, they were informed that he could not attend the meeting due to physical illness. However, seeing the working style of the vice-chancellor, many expected that the vice-chancellor would attend the meeting through video conference. Otherwise, they will put the blame on the shoulders of the students and ruin the fair.


The vice chancellor did not answer anyone’s phone. The administrators said that they have to think about the matter and the whole matter will be conveyed to the higher authorities. District administrative officials are extremely angry with such behavior of the vice-chancellor. Referring to the insecurity of the Vice-Chancellor, the District Magistrate said, “Where there are police forces including Ministers, District Magistrates, Additional Superintendents of Police. Allegations of insecurity there are baseless and baseless.” However, regarding Poush Mela, Minister of Small, Medium, and Cottage Industries Chandranath Singh said that the Vice-Chancellor does not want to hold the Mela. So he needed an excuse. If you express your desire for the fair in the future, the hand of cooperation will be extended. The minister informed that there will be an alternative push fair in the Dak bungalow grounds.

Anil Konar of Shantiniketan Trust said, “Though Shantiniketan Trust held a fair, they did not receive a call for the meeting. I hoped that a solution would be found in the meeting after various discussions. But due to the failure of today’s meeting, the fair of Shantiniketan was uncertain in the Purvapalli field.


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