Pope In Bahrain: Divine Sacrifice As A Blessing Year: Christians in the Gulf States The destruction of Bahrain as a spiritual Pope Francis at the stadium Sacrifice. The language of the four-day visit to Qurbana was in Gama. At 8.15 in the morning, Pope Mobile to the stadium More than 30,000 people visit the Pope Come with applause Tt. Trusted from Saudi Arabia The organizers have reached Qurbana.

Rise from among the believer’s Pope blesses the babies He greeted me with a kiss. Pope’s visit to Bahrain Paper wearing a water cap with snail logo The devotees waved the flag against the shepherd. Malayalam is part of Kurbana while also in various Indian languages. Thanks rose. From Kerala to Zero Malabar Sabha Meja R. Archbishop Cardinal Mar Jor J Alancheri also participated in the Qurbana. to Pope will return today.
People are now divided in the name of religion. King of Bahrain Madh Bin Isa Al Khalifa’s Leadership Global Religious Conference held in Those who gave the closing message Papa invited.

Saudi Arabia is a big acceptor. Malayali Bijoy Joseph P working in Raju. In the Mass led by the Pope, Mr. Thank you for your support. Tennum Bijoy Joseph. New York City’s largest city He is the first Pope to come to the state. Francis. For Christian-Muslim Brotherhood In speeches and religious meetings Pope Francis Bahrai stood up The first two days are completely professional. There were songs. About 15 lakh visitors in Bahrain yesterday and today For Christians The virus is postponed. Sacre in Manama after Qurbana Marpapa Vidyaar who came to De Hart School Interacted with the elders and the youth. Join First Church in the Gulf Region It’s school. Puro with the nuns in the church today. He will also hold a meeting with Hitler.


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