Pope Francis’ Visit To Bahrain Is A Pilgrimage: Pope Francis, the head of the global Christian Church, is a messenger of peace. Yatra, which took place in Bahrain for 4 days from November 3 to 6, was a pilgrimage. Tons of people see the world. He is the first Pope to visit Bahrain. 15 percent of the people of that state are Christians. Bahrainis have a tradition of 4,500 years. It is a very peaceful community. Their hospitality is acknowledged by all. Traditional residents of Bahrain and other countries Bahrain has become a global village, including those who have come There Like India, and unity in diversity can be seen in Bahrain.

The Pope’s visit has great historical significance. The Popes went to foreign countries as the representative of Jesus. that Continuing the journey Jesus began two thousand years ago They are the representatives of Jesus. During the 32 years of Jesus’ public life, he traveled with the people. His views and beliefs were known to them. Mark (9, 28-36) has said about the transfiguration of Jesus – “Six days after Jesus, Peter and his brother He went to the high mountain. He was transfigured before them. “His face shone like the sun.” Jesus’ human face and divine. It is the fact that we can see in this translation.

What Pope Francis said when he landed in Bahrain is also known in the East. He is coming as a peace messenger in the dialogue between us He said that religious freedom is complete only if there is freedom of worship. Hum clarified. John Paul II and Benedict XVI we have seen in the last half-century. He is one of the most remarkable of all the popes. Pope Francis. His simple life and humble demeanor make him remarkable.
As Matthew (22-15) indicates “The point of view of ‘God’s things are God’s and Caesar’s things are Caesar’s. This can be clearly seen in the actions of Pope Francis. There is They also allow statesmen and governors. If the respect that should not be given is given, then the divine faith of the people wears out. Puro who works without compromise to not fade away. He is Hita Shreshtha. Priests and nuns came in the modern era. The Pope opened up about the values ​​and the downfalls that have happened to them. Admit it and take a hard look at it to get rid of it. is revealing.

As Matthew (24, 3-4) says “Take heed that no one leads you astray, people against people. And the kingdom shall rise against kingdom, great earthquakes, and many places. There will be famines and epidemics in the villages’. This is the voice we are hearing at this time. Priests and saints should be more vigilant. Approaching Pope Francis. Pope himself has condemned sexual abuse by priests in many countries. Confessing and asking for forgiveness. About the luxurious life and its dangers, Pope also points out. Holy Matthew (24-2) tells about the destruction of the Jerusalem temple. there is As Jesus foretold “Ye see all this, verily I say unto you, behold A stone upon a stone will perish forever.

See God in human beings, not in temples. Pope Francis confirms that there is. Food for the hungry, clothing for the naked, and clothing for the homeless. The Christian view is that God in the last day The Pope said, indicating the criteria of judgment.
Francis is a high priest who holds fast to biblical views. Pope. A publican “When Jesus ate with Levi in ​​his house, the Pharisee Some of them “The accusation was made that ‘Jesus’ life was with publicans and sinners. . Jesus’ reply was- “The sick need a physician, sinners not the righteous. I came here.” Pope Francis is also passing through the same path. Confessing to himself the mistakes and shortcomings that have come to him and his church. We are the voice for that community, Pope Francis Hearing, that. As Matthew (19, 23-24) says “Children, how hard it is for riches to enter the kingdom of heaven. A camel’s needle is easier for the rich to enter the kingdom of God. It is passing through the pipe’. These are the words of Pope Francis to his own people. It is not wealth but human love and brotherhood that will enter heaven. Don’t want to buy it.

Voted in the March 2013 papal election, his own state, Br. Francis came to Rome with a suitcase to return to Sicily. Papa is accepted and loved by most people in the world today. He becomes the high priest who sings. He came to Bahrain in a wheelchair due to a physical disability. Th.

The world is full of sexual anarchy, war, and religious rivalry. These trips of his are during the period of rest. “Remember Christ’s words, ‘Leave the little children to me. Pope Francis at the National Stadium in Bahrain The children were stabbed as witnesses. When women and children are tortured in many countries around the world, Francis Ma Rappa is becoming their savior. Wealth is increasingly the monopoly of individuals and states. A community of people is plagued by poverty and disease. The representative of Christ sees Christ in these poor people.

It is expected that the Pope will reach India without a long stay. When Pope John Paul came to India in 1986, everyone saw the excitement. is Centuries of preaching the good news of Jesus, the Son of God The voyages of St. Thomas and St. Xavier to India Pope Francis’ visit to India will be remembered. and the


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