Generally, people are not aware of different vitamins in the body due to which many disorders in the body continue to take birth. Especially the deficiency of any one vitamin in the body causes such a problem, which many times to get treatment. Even after this, it is not right. Today we are telling you the problems caused by lack of vitamin-K in the body-

Benefits of Vitamin K – Vitamin
K maintains blood flow in the body. It prevents blood clotting or clotting in the body by activating nutrients like GLA protein, mineral and calcium involved in the blood coagulation process.
-Vitamin-K helps to freeze the flowing blood, which does not cause excessive bleeding and any untoward can be avoided.
-Vitamin-K is also helpful in bone density. It strengthens bones by transporting calcium and other mineral salts. Consumption of it reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Due to lack of vitamin-K, the necessary calcium is released into the arteries and there is a risk of bone loss.
– Regularly taking vitamin-K reduces the risk of heart disease. It supplies a layer of protein in the coronary arteries and forms a layer around it, which helps prevent calcium from accumulating in the arteries and causes no harm to them.


Diseases due to deficiency of this vitamin
– An adult person is supplied with vitamin-K from the diet, but newborns are suffering from deficiency, so it is necessary to inject vitamin-K. Vitamin-K supplements may also be given to individuals who are malnourished, drinkers, gall bladders, people with heart disease, who wish to become thin.
Many a times, due to lack of vitamin-K, there is also the hand of not eating nutritious food or not having the proper amount of fatty food in the food. Fat is required for the absorption or metabolism of this vitamin-K. Apart from this, while taking antibiotic, cholesterol-enhancing drugs like Spectrum, aspirin or quinine, vitamin-K deficiency also occurs in the body.

Sources of
Vitamin-K Vitamin-K-1 especially green leafy vegetables like cabbage, cabbage, greens, spinach, broccoli, fruits like tomatoes, red-bell pepper, kiwi, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, sprouts, soybeans, It is found in curd, cheese, cheese, green tea, olive oil etc. Vitamin-K-2 is obtained from chicken, salmon, fish, eggs. Apart from this, there is another type of synthetic vitamin-K-3, which is given by injection, to fill the deficiency in infants.


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