Pop star Rihanna is in discussion these days for reasons other than her songs or stage performance. She got very mixed after the tweet of Rihanna, the ongoing peasant movement in India. On one hand she got commentary on India’s internal matter. The Indians had to face resentment, while there were some people who described their move as bold. Rihanna is now in discussion for another reason apart from the tweet war.

According to the news, Rihanna’s fashion brand ‘Fenty Fashion House’ has been suspended. LVMH has recently announced this thing, especially the brand was launched two years ago. LVMH says that it has been banned for some time to bring the ‘Fenty Fashion House’ into better shape and the decision is both ours and Rihanna’s. Rihanna became the first black woman to work with LVMH after launching Fenty Fashion House. However, before this, Rihanna had also been the creative director of the Puma brand in the year 2014. Rihanna’s fashion brand was exclusively based on cosmetics and skin care products.


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