Pomegranate is actually superfood. The special nutrients present in it keep you healthy in the changing season by boosting your immunity. Especially in this season you should include pomegranate in your diet everyday. You can use its juicy grains from juice to fruit chaat very comfortably. Various researches also support this, pomegranate can help you in coping with many problems in the changing weather.

Let’s know why you should include pomegranate in your diet in this season

1. It can keep virus and seasonal flu away

Pomegranate juice, seeds and even their peels can protect your body from pathogens. Pomegranate juice specifically protects you against the attraction of viruses from infected foods. It also protects you from oral cavity.

Pomegranate extracts are a great source of vitamin-C, which provides excellent protection against common flu.

pomogranate for flu

2. High BP can reduce

The antioxidant properties of pomegranate have been found to successfully reduce high blood pressure. A study has shown that people who are suffering from this problem must consume at least 240 ml of pomegranate juice per day to see results. In addition, they must ensure that pomegranate juice is 100% natural, with no sugar in it.

Another method is that pomegranate helps to control blood pressure through potassium. 100 grams of pomegranate contains 236 grams of potassium, which helps to maintain the health of our bones and the functioning of our heart.

3. It can improve digestion

People who struggle with Crohn’s disease are well aware of stomach problems. It can also be responsible for loss of appetite and weight loss along with many other problems.

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The reason for this is the accumulation of bacteria within the stomach, which cause severe inflammation. One remedy that has been found useful by many studies is the intake of pomegranate. Pomegranate extracts act as a good protector and attacker against the bacteria that cause all the pain.

pomegranate benefits for gut health

4. Can strengthen memory

This was the conclusion of Dr. Hartman’s study, in which he gave pomegranate pills to patients who were about to undergo heart surgery. In which the first pill was given one week before surgery and the second 6 weeks later. The patients stated that their memory was 100% intact and even better than before. On the other hand, patients who did not receive the pills had an expected memory loss after surgery.

Dr. Hartmann went even further, stating that he had some evidence that pomegranate pills help to make more neurons in the brain. This does not mean that you have received Alzheimer’s treatment. This simply means that consuming pomegranate at a young age can have amazing benefits.

5. May balance the effects of diabetes

Diabetes related high blood sugar level, eating just one pomegranate a day can help control it. This fruit can reduce oxidative stress, which is the main cause of diabetes.

pomegranate benefits for blood sugar control

They also reduce many types of bad cholesterol, which helps keep your blood sugar level relatively low. However, diabetic patients should be very careful about their daily intake of pomegranate. Since it contains sugar, such things should be consumed in very small quantities.


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