The politics of meetings intensified in Bihar. On Monday morning, while Chandan Kumar, MP of Lok Janshakti Party of Chirag Paswan, met Chief Minister Nitish Kumar with flowers, today, CPI leader and former JNU President Kanhaiya Kumar visited Minister Ashok Chaudhary. Kanhaiya Kumar met him at the minister’s residence.

Although these meetings are being described as formal, but their discussion has become heated in the corridors of politics. Political pundits, analyzing their own way, are exploring its implications.

These meetings are taking place at a time when JD-U, which is running the government with BJP in Bihar, is busy preparing for its expansion. This party, cautious of the poor performance in the last assembly elections ( won only 43 seats), has begun to weave itself to strengthen itself at the grassroots level. Recently, during the cabinet expansion too, this effort was seen in the selection of ministers from the JD-U quota. The high command, on the one hand, is busy correcting the equations inside the party and fixing everything. On the other hand, efforts are also on the outside. Politicians are saying that the future camel of future politics in Bihar can not be said. It is being said about the recent meetings of the leaders that CM Nitish is preparing his strategy for the future situation. These days he is meeting all the leaders and MLAs.

Every day some khichdi is cooked in the politics of Bihar. Recently a censure motion was passed against Kanhaiya Kumar in CPI. After this, Kanhaiya met Minister Ashok Chaudhary today. On the possibility of Kanhaiya joining JD U, JDU leader Ajay Alok said that he is a leader of communist ideology. If he is willing to give up his ideology and adopt the ideology of JD-U, then he is welcome.

Kanhaiya had a dispute in his party recently

In fact, Kanhaiya Kumar was accused of misbehaving with party office secretary Indu Bhushan in Patna on December 1. Recently, an important meeting of the CPI was held in Hyderabad in which the condemnation proposal was passed in connection with the assault in Patna. It is being told that all but three of the 110 members present at the meeting supported the censure motion against Kanhaiya.

After this incident in his party, there is a lot of speculation about Kanhaiya Kumar’s meeting with Minister Ashok Chaudhary on Monday. On the possibility of Kanhaiya joining JD U, JDU leader Ajay Alok said that he is a leader of communist ideology. If he is willing to give up his ideology and adopt the ideology of JD-U, then he is welcome.

These are the equations
BJP and JD-U coalition government is running in Bihar. In such a situation, even if CPI cannot support JD-U. Only guesses about future politics can be made. As far as the strength of the Left including the CPI is concerned in Bihar, it has 16 members in the current Assembly. The CPI (ML) and the Rashtriya Janata Dal contested the election together. The CPI (ML) fielded candidates for 19 seats and won 12. The CPI and CPM have also won two seats each.

Nitish met with AIMIM MLAs
Recently, CM Nitish Kumar also met AIMIM MLAs. AIMIM has five MLAs in the Bihar Legislative Assembly.

LJP MP arrives with flowers to meet CM
LJP MP Chandan Kumar arrived with flowers on Monday to meet Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He met the CM at his residence. He was presented with a bouquet of red roses. The photos of this meeting immediately went viral on social media and the market of discussions heated up. Significantly, LJP National President Chirag Paswan often makes statements against Chief Minister Nitish. In such a situation, various speculations are being made about the praise of Nitish Kumar by his only MLA Rajkumar Singh and now the Chief Minister of Nawada MP Chandan Singh. However, it is being clarified that Nawada MP Chandan Singh had gone to meet the CM on the issues of development.

The close relations of George and CPI have a
lot going on in the politics of Bihar. Recently, CM Nitish Kumar had said that the relationship between George Saheb and CPI has been very close. In the effort to increase the clan, JD-U had joined BSP MLA Jam Khan and Independent MLA Sumit Singh in the past. CM Nitish tried to convey the message by including both of them in the cabinet. JD-U has won just 43 seats in the last assembly election. Experts believe that Nitish Kumar is doing everything possible to strengthen his party. In this endeavor, his eyes are looking for partners in all parties from LJP to CPI.


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