After a long time, the election of Bihar will also witness the debate on issues other than scams, employment and corruption. Farming will also be a big issue in this. The Central Government has given wind by enacting three agricultural laws just before the election. On these laws, the entire country including Bihar is divided into two poles. 

While the ruling party is undoubtedly in favor of it, the opposition parties consider it like a knife to the neck of farmers. This law has been in force in Bihar since 2006, but this time it has a chance to become an issue.

The issue remains somewhat different in the Lok Sabha elections. The ruling party is also aware that it is not easy to win assembly elections on the basis of those issues. So leave aside the corona and migrant laborers, the farmers are going to be the focus points in this election. As soon as the ticket catastrophe ends, both sides will once again land among the farmers along with its black and white side. In such a situation, who will be able to mobilize the farmers in their support, it will be known after the elections, but every attempt to woo them, the election has already started.

The impact of these three laws of the Center has been so much influenced by political parties that the Congress forgot the ‘debt waiver’ of the farmers and the BJP is not even discussing doubling the price of agricultural products. However, the BJP is saying so much need that the new law will benefit the farmers. The JDU also has not missed talking about the work done by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for agricultural development in 15 years. It also stands in support of new laws. Efforts have been made to cash in on the government’s plans with the patting of farmers on the pretext of discussing the Krishi Karman Award five times. 

Along with the discussion of Kisan Samman Yojana, the ruling parties have started discussing about their crop assistance scheme run by the state government and the input subsidy received in the flood-prone area. 

The new laws tell the ruling party candidates and big leaders the basic mantra of farmers’ freedom. According to him, if the farmers get freedom to fix the price of their produce, then the farmers will be able to sell their grain in any market of the country. On the contrary, people standing in opposition are trying to tell the farmers the ‘truth’, surrounded the ruling party by telling the government that under which law farmers are not able to sell grains in other mandis. Farmers own an average of two acres in the state. How would such a small farmer go out to sell his grain. Their allegation is also that with the help of these new laws, the Central Government is plotting to pledge farmers’ land in the hands of their favorite people. It also wants to end the MSP regime. 

The Congress in-charge of Bihar Shakti Singh Gohil started the movement on this issue with the announcement of elections. On behalf of the ruling party, the State Agriculture Minister Dr. Prem Kumar and former Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh have been given the responsibility of taking ‘truth’ among the farmers. However, the exercise to mobilize the farmers has now started. But whose logic in the election will dissuade farmers towards themselves, only time will tell, but it is certain that in this election, farmers and agricultural development will become a big issue.   


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