In Varanasi, the Bhelupur police raided the Vishwa Hindu Sena chief Arun Pathak’s house for investigation and questioning late Sunday in the case of a Nepali youth shouting head Jai Shriram. The family has accused the police of indecency and abuse. Angry relatives have sent complaint letters to CM Yogi, DGP and SSP regarding this matter.

It is being told that the Varanasi police has been castigated for not presenting any evidence in the UP Police High Court. The court has given the police till 14 October. On the other hand, the wife of VHINSE leader Arun Pathak told that on Sunday, about half a dozen police entered our house and went away with threatening warnings. Some members of the house were forcefully tried by policemen to take them to the police station. Harassed elders when no evidence was found in the search of the house. The wife also alleged that the police were also talking about encountering my husband. Arun Pathak has expressed anger at Yogi Sarkar and Varanasi Police by tweeting. He has also tweeted to the DGP


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