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PM Narendra Modi To Inaugurate The 3rd Ministerial Conference On Terror Financing In New Delhi: While some countries of the world are fighting terrorism tirelessly, some other countries are promoting it for their own selfish interests. Do not provide funds for terrorism.

Pm Modi And Home Minister

Terrorism has been a pressing problem in the world for many years. While some countries of the world are fighting terrorism tirelessly, some other countries are promoting it for their own selfish interests. Many countries, including the United Nations, have been running several programs with the main objective of not funding terrorism. As part of that, the third ministerial meeting on ‘No Money for Terror’ will be held in New Delhi on November 18 and 19. The government announced its official statement that it will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. It is going to be grandly organized by the Union Home Department under the chairmanship of Home Minister Amit Shah. “Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate this third cabinet meeting. The meeting will be held for two days under the leadership of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Home Ministry said in its announcement. The statement said that India has been fighting terrorism for three decades and India knows that it has a very important role to play in preventing the financing of terrorism.

In the two meetings held in Paris and Melbourne in the past, we went ahead with discussions on preventing financial aid to terrorism. The main objective of the meeting to be held this month is to take them further, said the Home Department. The Home Ministry also said in the statement that the Government of India is committed to implementing its “zero-tolerance policy” on terrorism.


• Frequent funding of organizations under their purview is essential to carry out terrorist-related activities. All these transactions can be done through formal channels and unregulated channels.

• A clear similarity can be drawn between terrorist financing and money laundering, as both methods attempt to hide funds from state authorities.

• Organized crime can be a financial source of trafficking in arms, people, drugs, cultural property, natural resources, and wildlife.

• Terrorists have started using technologies like cryptocurrency and crowdfunding to suit their needs.

• The dark web has become a hub for professional hackers, crowdsourcers, and those who want to raise funds for terrorism.

• The world still lacks universal consensus on laws and regulations related to cybercrime.

• The lack of control over social media platforms has led to misuse by terrorists for raising funds.

• Legislative framework works well to work effectively for monitoring, regulation, and correction of internet service providers / social media platforms.

• States need more coordination


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