Prime Minister is on a two-day visit to Bangladesh. Today is his second and last day there. PM Modi started his last day by offering darshan and worship at the Jashoreswari Kali temple. Jashoreswari Kali Temple is a famous Hindu temple. PM Modi prayed in the temple about Corona. PM Modi said, “Mankind today is going through many crises due to Corona, Mother is requested to liberate the entire mankind from the crisis of this Corona.”

He also said that today I had the privilege of coming at the feet of Maa Kali, one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. It is my endeavor that if I get a chance, I should go to these 51 Shaktipeeths and take my forehead at some point.

The PM said that devotees of both the countries come to the temple, a community hall is needed here and said that India will bear the responsibility for its construction.

PM Modi said, “I heard that when a fair of worship of Maa Kali is held here, a large number of devotees come from across the border and also from here. There is a need for a community hall. India is here Will do this construction work, I thank the Government of Bangladesh that they have expressed their best wishes for this work with us. ”

Talking about the hall, the Prime Minister said, “These should be multipurpose halls so that when people come for the Kali Puja, they are also used and the people of this place are used on social, religious, momentary occasion and in times of disaster. Especially during the cyclone, this community hall should become a place of shelter for all. ”



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