Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written a letter to Pakistani PM Imran Khan and congratulated him on Pakistan Day. People related to this matter gave this information on Tuesday. According to him, such a letter is written to the Prime Minister of Pakistan every year on behalf of the Indian Prime Minister.

Pakistani journalist Meher Tarar tweeted this letter, which read, “As a neighboring country, India wishes for cordial relations with the people of Pakistan.” For this, there is definitely an atmosphere of trust, a place devoid of terror and enmity.

The kind of communication between Pakistan and India that is positive & focused on the future. Which could lead to a dialogue on all issues, including Kashmir, making Kashmiris an equal stakeholder.
Yes, I dream and hope for a world that is utopian.

According to the letter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi further writes, “For humanity in this difficult time, I would like to convey my best wishes to you and the people of Pakistan to meet the challenges of COVID-19 epidemic.”

Let us tell you that Pakistan Day is celebrated on 23 March in Pakistan.


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