Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the IIT Kharagpur convocation on Tuesday that students need to start startups to bring changes in people’s lives. He told the students, ‘On the path of life now you are moving forward, definitely you will also face many questions. This path is right, wrong, harm will not be done, time will not be wasted? Many such questions will come up. The answer to these questions is – Self Three – Self-awareness, Self-confidence and Selflessness. That is, you should move ahead with self-awareness, self-confidence and selflessness. ‘

PM Modi said that being an engineer, a capability develops in you and that is the ability to move things from patterns to patents. That is, in a way, you have a vision to see subjects in more detail.

Referring to the tragedy caused by the glacier rupture in Uttarakhand, the Prime Minister said, “We should focus on improving the infrastructure in the face of disaster.”

He said that the technology and software developed by the IITs during the corona virus helped a lot in fighting the epidemic. Now you have to work fast on the futuristic solutions of Health Tech.

PM Modi said that whether Internet of Things or Modern Construction Technology, IIT Kharagpur is doing commendable work. He said, ‘It is not only the degree in your hand, but also the letter of examination. By leaving this campus, you not only have to start your new life, but you also have to create start-ups that will change the lives of crores of people of the country. So this degree, this medal which is in your hand, it is an aspiration letter of millions of hopes, which you have to fulfill. ‘

He said, ‘All of you, on the path of science, technology and innovation, there is no place for haste. You may not get complete success in the innovation you are working on. But that failure of yours will also be considered a success, because you will learn something from it as well. The government has freed Map and Geospatial Data from control. This step will give a lot of strength to Tech Startup Ecosystem. This step will also intensify the campaign for self-reliant India. This step will provide new freedom to the young start-ups and innovators of the country.

The PM said, ‘The situation of 21st century India has also changed, needs have also changed and aspirations have also changed. Now IITs need to be taken to the next level in the case of Institutes of Indigenous Technologies, not just Indian Institutes of Technology.


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