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Pm Modi: Do You Know How Tight Security Is For The Prime Minister Of India? 5 Tiers Of Security, State-Of-The-Art Vehicles Included: How is the security around Prime Minister Narendra Modi? How many security guards? This topic has now become interesting in the background of the visit to Visakha.

How is the security around Prime Minister Narendra Modi? How many security guards? This topic has now become interesting in the background of the visit to Visakha. What is the level of security when the Prime Minister visits the states? What is the role of the state government? What does the security protocol say? Let us know clearly what kind of security the Prime Minister’s convoy runs under.

The Prime Minister’s convoys are equipped with state-of-the-art vehicles. First of all the security car.. and then the advanced pilot car. And then there is the direct security car. The Prime Minister’s vehicles include two armored BMW 7 Series sedans, six BMW X5s, a Mercedes-Benz ambulance, and a dozen other vehicles. All these are completely bulletproof vehicles. Even if there is a rain of bullets and bomb blasts, they can survive.

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Five steps security

The Prime Minister’s security is very tight. The Special Protection Group is primarily responsible for security. The second circle will be personal guards. The third circle will have NSG commandos. They can easily protect themselves from any danger. Fourth Circle is a paramilitary force. It consists of top soldiers from various paramilitary forces who undergo rigorous training. The police of the state where the Prime Minister is going will be responsible for the security of the fifth circle.

Even the Prime Minister has to say no

In public meetings, rallies, roadshows… there will be more special precautions when the Prime Minister goes close to the crowd. Then along with the police, other security personnel are specially monitored. Some are in mufti. There will be pressure on the Prime Minister’s security personnel to deviate from the protocol in political events. At such times SPG has to take a stand. If there are no favorable conditions for that, surely even the Prime Minister will have to say no.

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Will the Prime Minister fly to the SPG meeting on security arrangements? Apart from the matter of whether to come by road or train, how they will reach the program he will participate in will also be discussed. Central agencies take into account the inputs given by local intelligence while planning the tour. Along with the security of the assembly and conference venue, how and where to go from there is also planned in advance.

Center and state forces plan for PM’s security

Along with central agencies, state police forces are also involved in planning security for the Prime Minister’s visit. They exercise a few days before. Officials of the Special Protection Group and Intelligence Bureau, which oversees the Prime Minister’s security, will scan everyone participating in the event. Along with the concerned state police officers, the district police administration will also be alerted. Regarding the Prime Minister’s tour, the SPG officials will hold discussions on the necessary security arrangements. A report will be prepared after the meeting. It has to be signed by all those present at the meeting. Based on the report, it appears that all security arrangements have been made properly.


In addition to checking people who come near the venue, they also discuss where to place door frames and metal detectors. The strength of the venue is taken into consideration. Fire safety for the stage and weather report for the day will also be considered. If there are bushes on the route traveled by the Prime Minister, they will be removed. If the travel path is narrow then they are widened from time to time. At every stage of the Prime Minister’s tour, there is a well-armed security system along with the protocol.


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