Tomorrow PM Modi will launch Chauri Chaura Shatabdi Festival, postage stamp will be released in honor of martyrs

Hooghly: Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a public meeting in Hooghly district of West Bengal today accused Mamata Banerjee’s government of appeasement politics. He said that politics of appeasement is happening in Bengal. This politics prevents people in Bengal from worshiping Goddess Durga, prevents them from immersion.

PM Modi said in the public meeting, “Vande Mataram”, just these two words, filled the country with new consciousness in the despair of slavery. Not being able to take the place of the creator of such immortal anthem, the pride of Bengal There is a lot of injustice with this. There is a lot of politics behind this injustice. This is the politics that forces votebank instead of patriotism, appeasement instead of everybody’s development. Today this politics prevents people in Bengal from worshiping Maa Durga. , Prevents their immersion. ”

The PM said, “The people of Bengal will never forgive such people who insult their culture for votebank politics. Today I assure the people of Bengal, when the BJP government is formed in Bengal, every Bengal resident will Can glorify the culture. No one will be able to intimidate, suppress it. ”

PM Modi said that the BJP will work for the creation of that sonar Bangla, in which the history here, its culture will become stronger by the day. He said, “Such a Bengal, where faith, spirituality and enterprise will be respected by all. Such a Bengal, where development will be for everyone, appeasement will not belong to anyone. Such a Bengal, which will be free from tact, will be employed and self-employed. Mother- People who talk about Mati-Manush have stood up against the development of Bengal.

The Prime Minister said that the central government deposits the rights of farmers and poor directly in their bank account. Whereas, the money of the Bengal Central Government’s schemes would not reach the poor without the consent of the TMC’s talabas.

Prime Minister Modi said that the development of Bengal is not possible until the administration and administration will give shelter to the goons. He said, “The development of Bengal is not possible until the rule of law is established in West Bengal. It is not possible till the government hearing the common people of West Bengal is formed here.”


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