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PM Kisan Scheme Scam: Rs.4000 Crore Scam In PM Kisan Scheme: The central government has suffered a huge loss of 4 thousand crore rupees in the last three years. Who wants to withdraw such an amount from the treasury? Not bank officers. Famous businessmen are not real. And who paid money in this range? Did Hanuman lift the government’s wealth like Mount Sanjeevani? (or) Alibaba has been tapped by half a dozen thieves. No. This big amount was not looted by Pakistani ISI spy Mehboob Rajput. Middlemen from our own country.. corrupt people.. that too in the form of farmers have committed a scam. Let’s see the details of that scam.

The Narendra Modi government at the Center launched a scheme named PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana in February, two to three months before the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. This is also known as PM Kisan in shortcut. As part of this, farmers who have less than five acres of land are being given Rs 6,000 per year in three installments of Rs 2,000 each. This scheme has been designed to support poor farmers and to remove their financial difficulties. However.. it is not possible to say that every one of the farmers benefiting under this is eligible.

Many reasons have led to this situation. The government itself made some rules and declared some farmers ineligible. The authority to identify the eligible among the rest of the farmers has been delegated to the state government officials. Farmers have been enabled to self-register on the PM Kisan portal. If the farmers are not able to register themselves, the official appointed by the government will fulfill these responsibilities. However.. some people have adapted the flaws in these rules in their favor. They conspired with the authorities and impersonated the agents.

In this background, there are reports that fake farmers are benefiting. The state governments immediately responded and took appropriate action to remove the wrong entries in the database. They ordered an inquiry into such incidents and identified the accused. However, despite being so careful, you may have doubts as to how 4 thousand of crores of rupees got wings at once. That’s why we are going to talk about it now. Fraudsters used publicly available databases to perpetrate this scam. They created fake Aadhaar cards and opened bank accounts with stolen IDs.

With the possibility of self-registration in the PM Kisan portal, brokers gave their preferred phone numbers. Suspicious land records have been uploaded. Without looking properly at the authorities, they blindly approved those ketugals who were really crooks. In a state like Assam, an original Aadhaar card is not required to avail of welfare schemes. A bank account is sufficient instead. The bank account itself is considered a unique ID. However.. some people who took advantage of this facility wisely opened two or three bank accounts.

Entered new bank accounts many times in the PM Kisan portal and got approval every time. Only when account numbers and IFAC codes are entered incorrectly, the system detects them as an error. If the accounts are opened in four or five banks in the name of the same person and entered properly in the PM Kisan portal, the system will not detect it. With this, it seems that Ketugalls have found a more niche. In Tamil Nadu, however, it was the middlemen who took on the role of farmers.

Many farmers in that state rely on government officials and contract workers to enter their information on the PM Kisan portal. So they entered the details of the people they liked. why how much When asked, they were made to believe that the central government is giving ‘Corona money and that’s why they are taking your details. Successfully completed the move of approving applications of entry farmers with login details of government officials. On this occasion, they also took bribes from people in the form of service charges, so you can understand where the situation has gone.

The PM Kisan scheme was introduced hastily before the general elections and was misused by local leaders and brokers for political purposes in some states. Service centers were set up overnight and daily targets were set and data entry was done. About eight and a half lakh people in Assam have filled their pockets with 558 crores in the name of farmers. In Tamil Nadu, about seven lakh people looted 321 crores. In Karnataka, 4 lakh ineligible people collected 440 crores. In Uttar Pradesh, 21 lakh sugarcane farmers have deposited crores of rupees in their accounts.

Due to the negligence of the central and state governments and officials, the public money of 4 thousand of crores of rupees has melted like Arathi camphor and entered the accounts of undeserving people. Opinions are being expressed that getting back that valuable money is like digging a hill and catching a rat. Let us hope that the government will avoid such shortcomings. Recently, it known that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has released the 12th tranche of funds under this scheme to farmers across the country.


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