Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

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Mayura stands protecting a paper that announces, omkar, i really like you. Omkar takes the papers and tears it apart. He says he notion if he doesn’t reply, then she will prevent her drama. However no. He asks if she’s long gone mad for him. She says, sure. Seeing that he beat up the goons, she has long past crazy for him. She feels they have got some connection. If no longer from this lifestyles, then preceding life. She suggests his name’s birthmark on her hand. There ought to be a cause at the back of it. In any other case why could he come in her existence? They could’t ignore these links. He says he doesn’t accept as true with in all that, so she should live faraway from him. She insists that they got here in this international for each different. She likes him and she or he will keep attempting until he accepts her. She is aware of that he has feelings for her and shortly he’s going to take delivery of it. Lifestyles is simply too quick to waste. She requests him to just accept her proposal. He makes it clean that his solution is a no. He takes his cycle to go away, however she doesn’t let him pass. She says if his answer isn’t any, then why did he dance with her in the party? She says no person can say no to her. He says then get used to it due to the fact he will keep saying no to her. He has no interest in women like her. Different students snort. Dayimaa comes to mayura’s dad to talk about approximately mayura’s birthday party. He tells her to talk to bela.

He receives a call and leaves. Bela suggests they need to just cook dinner mayura’s favourite meals as she parties every day. Daimyaa says in order to be too easy. Bela tells her no longer to attempt to be mayura’s mom. Mayura’s birthday is not something to be celebrated due to the fact that day mayura’s mom handed away. Mayura asks omkar what he is making an attempt to say? That he has no interest in a quite female like her? He says he supposed that he has no interest in a cussed and spoiled lady like her. She says each boy in college is mad in the back of her. He says, no longer him. For him, nature is more important than outer splendor. She thinks she can buy all people with cash, her beauty, but she is incorrect. She is simply wasting time behind him. He knows thoroughly that she’s simply appearing. He’s not going to entice in her cage. He walks away. She looks on in anger. While she is going lower back inside the college, college students snigger at her. Ishan comes to her and asks what’s this? Each person is discussing one topic most effective that she proposed omkar and he rejected her. He similarly says that he determined out that the goons who attacked her have been paid by using her best. She asks he positioned detectives at the back of her? He says he cares approximately her. What’s occurring in her mind? Omkar comes domestic and sees naina cooking. Naina says she isn’t feeling properly, so she referred to as her for help. Omkar asks his mother what took place.

She says she just got dizzy. Naina says she referred to as him often, however he turned into extra busy. He exams his cellphone and says sorry to his mom. Naina asks him wherein turned into he lost? He thinks approximately mayura’s idea and says in his mind that he gets lost when he’s round mayura. Nowadays for first time, he ignored his mom’s name. He doesn’t want to look mayura’s face now. Different aspect, mayura is determined and now not geared up to give up. Ishan says she had a golden threat to kick him out of the college. She says that he stated nobody would want to live together with her. She desires to prove him incorrect. She wants him to fall in love together with her and so deep that he’ll be geared up to pass all limit to win her. He asks what she needs now? She says that she’ll want to change her nature and asks ishan for his help. He is convinced and asks what’s the plan? She says permit’s move. He asks where. She says to entice omkar in her cage. Omkar feeds his mom and again says sorry. Mayura and ishan look internal omkar’s house. Mayura feels omkar’s mother is unwell.

Omkar’s mother praises naina and says whichever residence she is going to will be very fortunate. Omkar makes amusing of her and they start a pillow fight. Naina tells him that he will recognise her fee whilst she actually is going in someone else’s house. They maintain their pillow combat. Mayura tells ishan, so omkar desires easy female like naina. He knew mayura isn’t of his fame and that is why he rejected her. He were given frightened of her persona. Omkar sooner or later stops fight and holds naina’s hands. He says he turned into simply playing together with her and says thank you for taking care of his mom. Ishan asks mayura what’s happening in her thoughts? Is she wondering to come to be a behenji like naina to win omkar? She smiles and says time for purchasing. Mayura returns domestic with plenty of purchasing baggage. Bela taunts her for spending cash like water. Mayura points at bela’s diamond necklace and says she sold that with cash too, proper? Or did she scouse borrow it from somewhere. Bela says she turned into simply joking and tells mayura to store as a whole lot as she needs as she’s only a visitor for few days after which she will go to her sasural. Mayura is amazed. Bela leaves.

Mayura asks dayimaa what bela was speaking about? Earlier than too she referred to approximately her marriage. Dayimaa tells her no longer to be aware of bela. She feeds kheer to mayura pronouncing her birthday week has commenced and as she knows they have a good time complete week on her birthday. She tells dayimaa that simplest she celebrates, nobody else. Dayimaa requested what she brought. Mayura suggests it to her and she or he’s shocked. Mayura thinks if dayimaa’s reaction turned into this, then omkar will definitely be taken aback!

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