Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

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Ishan tells mayura that he made such a pleasing plan and he or she spoiled the whole lot. She kissed omkar in the front of everybody. She tells him that his plan changed into already failed. His goons never came. Alternatively real goons got here and omkar saved her. He says that he might have saved her. She says that he couldn’t even attain, so forget approximately saving. He grabs her hand and says, sure his plan failed, but she should have put blame on omkar.

Different side, omkar tells his pals that some thing is incorrect. She had a complete chance of placing blame on him, but she didn’t do it. He shouldn’t have come to the celebration. His pals tell him that he is so strange, he were given a kiss from mayura and nonetheless he isn’t in an amazing mood. He excuses himself saying he wishes to go to meet predominant. Mayura asks ishan to go away her hand. He calms himself down and says he isn’t always capable of apprehend why she took omkar’s facet. She thinks for a 2nd and says omkar isn’t that horrific. She become so scared and omkar got here like a hero and saved her life. She smiles looking in a vehicle reflect as omkar is watching them. She keeps, thank god omkar got here on time. Thanks isn’t sufficient. They did wrong with omkar. After omkar leaves, she tells ishan that she doesn’t want to give him clarification. He leaves. She says challenge of wooing omkar has started. Naina is taking omkar’s mom pix. Omkar comes there. His mother tells him that he’s searching so good-looking in the ones garments. She asks naina to take her photo with omkar. Omkar is misplaced in some thoughts. Naina asks him to offer a grin. She clicks a picture and asks him how changed into the birthday celebration. He says it become k. He become going to change garments. Naina spots lipstick mark and asks what’s on his cheeks. He erases and says nothing. Naina feels he’s tensed and thinks something has occurred for sure. Overdue night, omkar is still disturbed and is considering mayura telling ishan that they did wrong with him. His mom comes there and asks whether or not he’s getting the ones nightmares again. He asks why he gets such desires or even in party… he then gets quiet. His mom says there may be a reason at the back of the entirety. He’ll recognise whilst time comes. She goes to get milk for him. He thinks that he needs to stop thinking about mayura. Different facet, mayura talks to herself that omkar gained’t be capable of overlook her regardless of trying to. She kissed him on his cheeks however his coronary heart may be affected. That is the magic of mayura’s beauty. Subsequent morning, mayura is putting on makeup.

Bela comes and says she’s searching so hot and asks whether or not she’s meeting a person today. Mayura asks why she have to tell her and asks why she’s constantly at the back of her. She need to mind her personal business. Her dad comes and scolds mayura for misbehaving. He tells bela to teach mayura some thing. He then asks mayura approximately celebration. She says it become properly. He asks approximately ishan. She says now not to talk approximately him, she is in no way going to speak to him. He says that she will’t communicate like this and asks her to apologize to ishan right away. She tells her dad that he doesn’t even recognise complete tale. Sachin interrupts announcing dad manner that fights appear between pals, but that doesn’t imply they forestall talking. She tells them that they never took interest in her pals, then why abruptly. Sachin says he always care approximately her. She says okay and leaves. Omkar reaches the university with naina. Naina sees a board that asserts reserved parking for omkar. She tells him that he’s getting vip remedy. He wonders who did that. Mayura comes pronouncing, me. I can do that a whole lot for what you did the previous day. Naina asks omkar what he did the day prior to this.

Mayura says that he fought with goons and stored her like a hero. She then tells omkar that he’s no longer angry together with her because she kissed him, right? Naina says it’s omkar’s addiction to help anybody, so she ought to now not recollect herself special. She says, however omkar is unique for her. Omkar says whatever happened is happened and she or he should stay faraway from him now. He parks his cycle on a unique spot than what mayura reserved for him and leaves from there. Ishan overhears the entirety. Omkar involves a study room and everyone is giggling. He appears at the board and sees a drawing of a female kissing a boy. Mayura comes and says it’s one of these lovely sketch, proper? He erases it and takes a seat. All boys ask mayura to take a seat with them, but she says she has selected her partner. She gestures the boy who is sitting beside omkar to rise up, however omkar stops him announcing it’s his seat and mayura can take a seat elsewhere. Professor comes. Mayura continues to be standing. Ishan tells his buddies that he desires to find out who attacked omkar. He asks his pals to discover why mayura has all at once have become so crazy in the back of omkar. Mayura pushes omkar in and sits beside him.

All of us laughs. Professor tells mayura that if she doesn’t need to look at, then she will be able to depart the elegance. She says she’s studying… someone’s coronary heart. Professor asks her to depart the elegance. Mayura writes her quantity on omkar’s hand and tells him to call after elegance ends. She throws a flying kiss at omkar, leaving him embarrassed. After magnificence, he involves a canteen and orders a sandwich. Mayura offers him a heart shaped sandwich. He receives up, stares at her, and leaves from there. She receives pissed off as her plan isn’t working. One in every of her pals tells her that omkar isn’t always like different boys, he’s distinctive. Mayura thinks that means she will want to something out-of-box. Omkar rushes to leave earlier than mayura does anything else. He reveals a flower bouquet on his cycle. He throws it away. He turns and reveals mayura standing with a board that asserts, omkar, i like you lots.

Episode ends.

Precap can be added later.


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