Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Omkar arguing infront of Doctor to return his vision. Specialist requests that he unwind and says she will perceive what she can do. Omkar asks Shankar, where is Taru… says he needs to meet and see her. Mayura gets stunned. Omkar swoons on Shankar’s shoulder. Specialist says I gave him infusion with the goal that he gets rest. Megha admonishes Mayura and says Omkar is in injury and inquires as to whether she thinks his injury as acting. Mayura says he probably won’t be acting, however I am stressed for Tara. She discloses to Shankar that Tara is with Omkar. Megha says Tara isn’t with him and requests that she ask Vishaka. Mayura says why Vishaka will take her? Shankar says we truly don’t think about Tara. Mayura requests that he return home and rest. Shankar demands to be there. Mayura says Maa ji should be taken consideration by you and requests that he return home. She requests Megha to take care from him and says she won’t allow anything to happen to Tara’s Papa. They leave. Vishaka comes there and asks Mayura for what good reason would she say she is confiding in Omkar? She says Omkar may tell that I have hijacked Tara. Mayura says she may get any data about Tara. Vishaka says alright. She calls Doctor and asks what is discovered, I have sent you Omkar’s reports. Specialist says Omkar’s case is correct, his vision is lost. Vishaka says alright.

Later Omkar acquires cognizance and calls Mayura. He says you are here. Mayura says I am here with you and requests that he tell where is Tara. He blacks out once more.

Vishaka gets some information about Tara. The woman watch says she is fine and gets some information about her Papa regularly. Vishaka requests her to take care from her well and ensure she doesn’t get unwell. She thinks why Mayura haven’t come till now, I need to go to medical clinic. Mayura supplicates in the sanctuary for Tara and thinks in the event that Omkar is acting, I will uncover him. She turns and sees Omkar remaining on the patio railing. Mayura yells Omkar. Everybody comes to there. Shankar calls him. Vishaka likewise comes to there and grins. Omkar says I have lost everything, my little girl and business, presently I have lost my visual perception, so don’t have any desire to live. Mayura requests that he quit acting and descend. Omkar says my life has smacked all over, by grabbing my vision. He says my tenacity, inner self and everything is lost. He says I have upset you without question and apologizes to her for his slip-ups. Shankar requests that he move back for his mom atleast. Omkar says which mother needs to see her child like this, I have become a weight and can’t remain this way. Mayura requests that he descend and says we will examine whatever is in your psyche. She says this isn’t the arrangement. Omkar says you have grabbed my beginning and end and will grab my little girl as well, let me go. Vishaka grins and says he is a dramebaaz. Shankar requests that Mayura save him. Mayura vows to return his business and house. Omkar says I simply need my little girl, simply vow not to grab my little girl. Vishaka thinks Mayura isn’t understanding his stunt, for what reason is he saying this. She goes to Mayura and tells that he is acting. Mayura reveals to Omkar that Tara is her little girl and her a player throughout everyday life.

Omkar requests that she look in his eyes and says there is only obscurity in his eyes, and there is only one beam of light, his girl. He says on the off chance that you can’t give me Tara, let me bite the dust. Mayura yells no. Vishaka says Tara is with him, and he is messing around with you. Shankar requests that Mayura concur. Omkar inquires as to whether she will head out in different directions from Tara for perpetually and says assuming no, at that point he will bounce down. Mayura goes to the porch and calls him. He says he will hop off on the off chance that she draws close to him. She inquires as to whether he needs to isolate her with her girl. Omkar says I will do whatever I think right, says this couldn’t be the sangemarmar sartaj’s life. She holds his hand and makes him contact her face scar. She says I felt that day that I will not live, but rather today this is my personality and strength. She says consider your shortcoming your solidarity and requests that he have trust. She requests that he get down. Omkar says I am not afraid to acknowledge that you have a lot of solidarity/mental fortitude than me, I will accept that God has rebuffed me and requests that she give him Tara, as she is his last expectation, else he can’t live.

Shankar and Megha request that she concur. Mayura cries. Omkar says I am going. Mayura vows not to get Tara far from him, and says she will remain with you, I will disappear from her life. Omkar expresses gratitude toward Mayura for giving him a desire to life. Shankar says Mayura has forfeited her protective love and saved his child. Omkar gets down the railing and embraces Mayura. Mayura requests that he come. Vishaka is stunned and thinks on the off chance that they join together, how might I render my retribution. Vishaka views at Omkar as they stroll to his ward. He sees glass pieces on his way and sets his to the side with his foot. He thinks he isn’t visually impaired and tricking everybody’s sight. In the ward, Omkar expresses gratitude toward Mayura. Mayura asks him not to say thanks to her and requests that he tell where is she and how is she? Vishaka comes there and says he will blame me once more, and will say that I have abducted Tara. Omkar discloses to Mayura that Tara is protected and she is with him.


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