Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 17 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The Episode starts with Vishaka throwing a flower pot on Omkar. Omkar moves to safety. Doctor tells that Tara has breathing problem, but she is fine. Megha calls Sanjay. Sanjay says he couldn’t find Omkar. Omkar comes to the terrace and asks Vishaka where will she go? He says Mayura said right that evil don’t accept defeat, but good never defeats. He says you wants to ruin me, but you have ruined. Vishaka says she will get hundred of chances to take revenge from him. Megha calls him and asks him not to take law in his hand. She says Sanjay will reach there with Police. Vishaka provokes Omkar and says she will ruin him and will snatch him everything so that he repent all his life. Omkar says I will kill you. Mayura asks Omkar not to get provoked by him. Shankar, Sanjay and Police come there. Omkar walks towards Vishaka. Vishaka says she will separate him from Mayura and Tara. She says she will hit him on the place, where he gets hurt much. She says I was pained to see my brother’s dead body and now you will see Tara’s dead body. Omkar shouts Vishaka and picks a brick. Mayura gets worried and asks Doctor about Tara. Doctor says she is stable and will gain consciousness in 6-7 hours. Megha asks Mayura to go to Omkar and tells that she is worried for Tara. Mayura says she can’t trust her. Megha asks her to trust Sanjay and says he has sent Police constable for Tara’s security. Constable comes there. Megha asks Mayura to go. Mayura asks her to take care of Tara and goes. Mayura also reaches haveli. Sanjay, Shankar and Police reach the terrace, but don’t find Omkar and Vishaka there. They hear Vishaka shouting. Sanjay sees Omkar pulling a bag and calls him. Mayura, Shankar and Police Inspector come there and they see blood on the ground. They follow the blood stains and come to Omkar. He is holding the brick with blood on it. Mayura is shocked and asks where is Vishaka? Inspector asks Constable to arrest Omkar. Mayura says nobody can touch Omkar and asks him to search Vishaka. She says my daughter is having danger from Vishaka. Omkar tells that he reached haveli and couldn’t bear when Vishaka was badmouthing about tara. He says then he don’t remember what happened after that. Inspector says you will remember in the PS. Omkar tells Mayura that he didn’t do anything, and don’t remember. He is taken to the PS.

Mayura asks Megha to do something as Omkar is arrested. Tara calls Papa in unconscious state. Mayura says your Mamma will come soon, kisses on her forehead and leaves with Megha. Mayura and Megha come to the PS. Mayura asks Inspector when Omkar is saying that he don’t remember then why don’t they believe him, after interrogating him all night. Inspector says we couldn’t get trace of Vishaka from haveli. Mayura calls Shankar and asks about Tara. Omkar is brought there by constable. Mayura asks Omkar how is he? He says he is fine and asks about Tara. Mayura tells that she doesn’t care about the world and says if you are right then I will not let anything happen to you. Omkar asks her to believe him and says he don’t remember after that. Inspector asks Constable to take him inside. Mayura asks until when he will be kept inside. Inspector says until ACP saheb comes here, we can’t do anything. Omkar hits the constable and runs out. ACP is on the way listening to music. He hits Omkar with his jeep. Omkar falls down. Mayura gets shocked, but gets relieved seeing him fine. ACP gets down from his jeep and takes out walnut from his jacket. He breaks it with his hand and eats walnut. He says he is ACP Raghav, sees handcuff in Omkar’s hand and says he is good looking then why did he get arrested by Police. Omkar snatches gun from his hand. Mayura asks Inspector to stop Omkar. Inspector says he is ACP saheb. Omkar asks ACP to let him go. ACP says this is my Katrina and asks him to return his gun. Omkar says good try, but move back. ACP says when I am happy then I break walnut and when I am angry then I break people. Omkar says I don’t say, just do it and asks him to move back. ACP moves back and then hits Omkar. They have a fight. ACP locks Omkar’s handcuff with his jeep’s steering. He hits Omkar. Mayura asks him to stop hitting Omkar. She runs to Omkar and asks him to leave him. She says you are treating him as if he is a criminal. She says he was kept in the PS without any crime and asks him to leave him. ACP Raghav gets shocked seeing her and says Ms. Mayura says Mrs Mayura Shukla. She thinks she has seen him somewhere. ACP says I am ACP Raghav Shastri and says don’t think that I will agree to your sayings as you are beautiful and says Ms. Omkar says Mrs. Omkar Shukla. ACP says he needs my kind attention as he raised his hand on me. He keeps gun at Omkar.

Precap will be added later.


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