Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 10th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Omkar reaches the university and is surprised when he doesn’t see mayura. He tries to focus on studies, however his mind continues to be trying to find mayura. He asks himself why he’s getting . It’s suitable that she didn’t come. Mayura reaches omkar’s home. She has dressed up in a traditional dress. She greets omkar’s mom. Aunty says she didn’t understand her. Mayura says she is omkar’s buddy, she studies inside the equal university. Aunty says omkar went to the college. Mayura says that is why she came. Aunty is burdened. Mayura asks if she will be able to come inside. Aunty permits. She enters and touches aunty’s toes. She says omkar said that his mom wasn’t feeling well, so she came to take care of her. Aunty says she’s best, but mayura makes her take a seat and asks if she took remedy. Aunty says omkar in no way stated some thing approximately her. Mayura says she will ask him when he comes. Aunty says she could just name, but mayura stops saying he have to be in magnificence. At college, omkar’s friends tease him that he’s missing mayura. One buddy says perhaps mayura were given hurt because of his rejection. Omkar wonders whether or not he become too harsh on mayura. Or is it that mayura is up to some thing else. Mayura maintains her sweet talks with omkar’s mom. She asks approximately omkar’s father. Aunty says that he handed away earlier than omkar’s beginning. Mayura then asks her what she wants to consume, she can prepare dinner. Aunty says it’s no longer required and asks her if she doesn’t have elegance. She says that she will be able to take notes from omkar. Mayura’s dad asks wherein is mayura. Bela says she doesn’t remaining at domestic. She in addition says that he should manipulate her as she’s a young girl. Dayimaa once more asks mayura’s dad about birthday celebration, however bela says he’s very busy. Party will best happen whilst he wins election. He concurs, however then some thing moves to him and he tells sachin to make coaching for a grand birthday celebration. They will invite ishan and his mother. Sachin says this manner they could talk about commercial enterprise too.

Dayimaa thinks they’re creating a commercial enterprise deal out of mayura’s birthday. She wonders while someone will come in mayura’s lifestyles who will selflessly love her. Milkman comes. Mayura says she will go, however she doesn’t realize which size utensil she ought to use. First she selections a glass. Aunty asks isn’t it too small? She then choices a cooker. Aunty tells her to apply ‘patila’. Mayura is stressed. Aunty says she will be able to cross herself. Mayura thinks she doesn’t understand any work, how she will be able to win aunty. Aunty’s phone earrings. Mayura sees and fast puts it in a silence mode. Omkar wonders whether or not his mom got ill once more. Aunty asks mayura if she wants to devour whatever. Mayura says she will be able to make some thing for her. Aunty asks she knows kitchen paintings, right? Mayura tells her no longer to worry. Mayura comes to the kitchen and is confused. She calls dayimaa for assist and asks her to train cooking right now. Dayimaa says that she in no way turned on a fuel, how she will educate her cooking that quickly. Dayimaa tells her to ship her the cope with, she will be able to prepare dinner and ship some thing. Bela hears their conversation. She says she needs to discover which friend is that this. Mayura says that she determined answer, she can now just pretend to prepare dinner. She puts 2 tomatoes in water in a cooker. Aunty comes and says she didn’t activate the gas. How will she prepare dinner? She asks mayura that she doesn’t recognize cooking, right? Mayura accepts it, but says that she called her home and meals is coming. Aunty teaches her how to turn on the gasoline.

Mayura receives emotional whilst her mom’s subject matter comes. Aunty hugs her and asks if she will be able to have tea. Mayura says only if she teaches her the way to make it. Omkar reaches domestic and is stunned to look mayura. He says now he understood why she didn’t come to college. He looks at her dress and asks what’s this drama now? Aunty asks what drama? Omkar says she’s no 1 dramebaaz. He asks mayura to depart his residence right now. She doesn’t circulate. He grabs her hand and pulls her out of his home. He asks what’s her hassle? How dare she to fulfill his mom, that too in his absence. What’s her aim? She asks why he is shouting at her. He simplest stated that she’s selfish. She is changing for him. She have become a kind of woman that he likes. He says with the aid of changing dressing, someone doesn’t trade.

She says she can alternate completely for him. She actually wanted to attend to his mother as she changed into sick. He asks how she knew that his mother was sick? She’s quiet.

Episode ends.

Precap will be brought later when available.


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