Phonepe Wonderful Decision: Phonepe Wonderful Decision, Now, Activation For All: Are there people who don’t know about phones these days? Not at all! Also.. no need to be surprised if there are people who don’t know about PhonePay. Because it was so public. It became easy for people to pronounce the name by adding a single letter ‘pay’ next to the two letters ‘phone’ which we say daily. So.. it got wet in people’s mouths. Word of mouth spread from every city. Why are we saying all this now.. The organization has recently taken an amazing decision. With this, this app will be available to everyone. These are the features of this special article..

Before the advent of ‘PhonePay’.. various banks made mobile banking and internet banking facilities and related apps available. But those services were limited only to that bank. In that case, if a person has accounts in two or three banks, it would be impossible to operate them through a single app. But.. that impossibility has been made possible by ‘Phonepay’. No matter how many bank accounts a person has if they are linked to the same phone number.

Unified Payment Interface.. i.e… UPI. It is because of this facility that ‘PhonePay’ has become so successful. It has revolutionized mobile payments. Even now another such new Suvarnadhya is going to be written. Earlier to get phone pay services first we have to enter our basic details and any identity card details in that app and register our name. After that add bank accounts.

To check account balances, transfer amounts, or make payments through phony, you need to create a PIN number first. For this one has to enter the last 6 digits of the respective bank account debit card number. But now that method has been removed. Recently, a new arrangement has been made to activate the UPI service by entering the Aadhaar card details at the ATM card place. With this, PhonePay became the first company to take such a decision.

Phonepay said this decision will help bring another crore of people into the UPI ecosystem and serve them easily and securely. Earlier there was no option for those who did not have debit cards to create a UPI PIN number. Due to this, a large number of clients could not get this service. With the introduction of the Aadhaar card instead of an ATM card, the benefits of UPI services will be available to almost everyone.

Deep Agarwal, Head of Payments, PhonePay, stated that we are proud to be the first fintech platform to introduce Aadhaar-based OTP authentication. The move by RBI, NPCI, and UIDAI is going to yield great results and is a great example of digital financial inclusion, he said. If those who select this option enter the last 6 digits of the Aadhaar number, OTPs will be received from the Aadhaar institution and the bank where the account is held. If you enter them, you can use all the UPI features of PhonePay.

The UPI payment system is now gaining worldwide acclaim. All countries are looking to implement this digital payment system. Deep Agarwal said that they are moving in that direction and working together with NPCI to take UPI to the international level. Phonepay currently has 41.5 million registered users in India. In addition to this, 3 Point has reached 3 crore offline merchants on the digital trail. Covering 99 percent of the country’s pin codes. That means almost the entire of India is available. The next step is to excel internationally.


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