Petrol and diesel batting continues on the inflation pitch for the last eight days. Ordinary petrol in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan is now just 13 paise away from its century and if it continues to grow like this, tomorrow it will go beyond Rs 100 a liter. At the same time, extra premium petrol has already crossed the century and today stands at Rs 102.65 on Tuesday. At the same time, the price of this petrol has also crossed 100 in Bhopal. Diesel is supporting petrol in the oil game. In many cities, it has also made its move towards a century.

See how much oil from 100 rupees liter in which city

name of the city Petrol Rs / liter
Diesel Rs / L

Shri Ganga Nagar 99.87 91.86
Delhi 89.29 79.7
Mumbai 95.75 86.72
Kolkata 90.54 83.29
Lucknow 87.87 80.07
Jaipur 95.75 88.07
Indore 97.35 87.98
Pune 95.4 85.06
Patna 91.67 84.92
Ahmedabad 86.49 85.83
Agra 87.63 79.77
Chennai 91.45 84.77
Guwahati 86.25 80.41
Source: IOC

Petrol smoke batting in metro cities too

In the national capital New Delhi on Tuesday, the price of petrol crossed Rs 89 per liter, while the price of petrol in Mumbai has come close to Rs 96. That is, it is only 4 rupees from a century in Mumbai. Government oil marketing companies have raised petrol prices for the eighth consecutive day. Today, the price of petrol has been increased by 30 paise and the price of diesel by 38 paise per liter. After this, the price of petrol in Delhi was Rs 89.29 per liter and in Mumbai it was Rs 95.75 per liter. Petrol and diesel prices vary in different states depending on local taxes and freight.

Petrol prices rise by Rs 2.34 per liter in eight days

For eight consecutive days, prices for petrol have increased by Rs 2.34 per liter and diesel by Rs 2.57. The continuous rise in prices has been criticized by opposition parties, including the Congress, which have demanded immediate cuts in taxes to reduce the burden on the common man. Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan told Parliament last week that the government was not considering a reduction in excise duty to reduce prices to a record high. Central and state taxes make up 60 percent of the retail sales price for petrol and 54 percent for diesel. The central government charges Rs 32.90 on excise duty on petrol and Rs 31.80 per liter on diesel.

Rise in crude oil due to increase in demand

Brent crude oil has reached a psychological level of $ 63.50 per barrel in the international market due to reduced supply by OPEC countries and increased demand globally. According to Anuj Gupta, vice president (commodities and research), Angel Broking, the price of crude oil has risen by about 20% since January 1. Crude oil can go up to $ 75 per barrel by April. This will further increase the price of LPG including petrol and diesel in the Indian market. At the same time, oil companies raised the price of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) by Rs 1,942.5 per kl or 3.6 per cent to Rs 55,737.91 per kl in the national capital. Petrol and diesel prices are revised on a daily basis, LPG and ATF rates are revised on the 16th and every month.

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Great oil game will continue even further

Reducing crude oil production by OPEC and allied countries will not reduce prices
Reduction in corona cases and increase in demand for oil from stimulus packages by governments
US President Joe. Biden signs off shale production in US
Crude oil also supports weakness in dollar against most currencies
Crude oil continues to rise due to geopolitical tensions worldwide


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