Performances Tell The Story Of The Film, Not Only The Father’s: Family trying to kill the father. Appan was released with a completely new theme. Apple is a movie that presents great performances along with a strong screenplay and direction.

Casting is one of the best aspects of the film. There are very few characters in this film. The story takes place in and around the house of the central character Njunj. That’s why people from that house and those who are close to the house come in the movie.

Sunny Wayne, Alencier, Ananya, Grace Antony, Pauly Valson, and Vigilesh are familiar faces to the audience. Other characters are less familiar. But Apple is a film in which both seniors and newcomers are full of performances.

Alencier’s greatest tool for portraying the character when cast is his voice. Itchichan is lying with his stomach down. Itchichan is a very loud and aggressive character. Even in bed, that aggressiveness is not lacking. The sound modulation created for Alencier Ittichen sounded great.


Kutiyamma is Itchichan’s wife. They live with their husbands for a lifetime. Maybe we all have seen the helplessness that our daughter says when she asks if she would rather live with so much suffering. Even when her husband is in bed, they do not get any peace. Kuttiyamma is the role that Pauly Valson, who has only seen in ordinary funny roles, has got in hand to bring out her acting potential.

Sunny Wayne was shocked. Sunny Wayne is an actor who has received a lot of criticism for his actions. Sunny Wayne, who has done mostly urban characters, quickly turned into a country boy. Ananya and Grace Antony have done their parts well. The child actor who played his son Abel also gave a good performance in the film.

Sheela, Varghese, and Johnson are crucial characters in the film. Sheela is one of Ittichayan’s many extramarital affairs. Sheela is old enough to be the daughter of Ketchikan. Sheela has brought bricks from Wayanad and kept them near the house. Even in bed, his desire for her has not changed. Many layers of Sheela can be seen in the picture. We can see some dimensions in Sheela which are different from what we saw in the beginning.


The other is Johnson. Johnson appears in many parts of the film. Johnson has an insatiable grudge against Itti. Johnson does not make it clear why he resented Itty so much. The reason for this is understood by the audience through a question from Njunj, the son played by Sunny Wayne. It felt good not to spoon-feed it and leave it to the audience to think for themselves.

The audience cannot forget the face of Varghese, Itti’s eternal companion. It is Varghese who is involved in all of Itti’s misdeeds. Varghese’s whistle will remain in the audience’s ears even after the film is over.

Radhika Radhakrishnan, Shamsuddin Marathodi, and Anil K. Sivaram played the roles of Sheela, Johnson, and Varghese. Even after watching the film, their faces cannot be forgotten.


Balan Mash is in the film for a short time but what an impact the character has. He is a frail old man. But the character feels very strong with the attitude and the sound modulation in the dialogue delivery. Mash’s warning of impending danger creates an eerie atmosphere. Alencier’s reaction in this scene also adds to the intensity of the scene.

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