Protests across the country have intensified against the military coup in Myanmar. Hundreds of students and teachers took to the streets on Friday, demanding to hand over power to elected leaders. Protests have also intensified in other parts of the country amid tight security in the Myanmar capital.

During two of the biggest rallies since the coup to date, protesters at two universities in Yangon gave a three-fingered salute as protesters. The protesters also raised long-life slogans for Aung San Suu Kyi and said, “We military Do not want dictatorship. ”

Prof. Navi Thajin, Professor at Yangon University, protested against the army, saying, “We cannot unite with them.” We want such a government to collapse as soon as possible. ”

Protests have continued in Myanmar over the move ever since the military announced a coup on Monday and took power for a year. Opposition to this announcement, along with the common people, the opposition has also started playing utensils in the country’s largest city of Yangon, standing at the windows every evening.

However, now people are slowly starting to take to the streets against the coup. These include students and medical staff, some of whom have also refused to work.

Students have also played an important role in the movements against military dictatorship in the past. The army is also arresting some opposition leaders for the purpose of suppressing the protest, as well as prohibiting Facebook so that the protesters do not plan to gather.


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