CM Mamta angry on stage in PM Modi's presence, refuses to give speech, know the reason

PDP Is Pursuing Madani As Archenemy, Not Deliberately Intended To Ridicule: Faisal Babu With Justification In Abusive Speech: Youth League National General Secretary Faisal Babu has said that some people have distorted his remarks about PDP Chairman Abdunasir Madani and his wife Sufia Madani. But Faisal Babu wrote on Facebook that he still strongly disagreed with Madani’s style.

The party PDP is following Madani as his main enemy. The state secretary of PDP says that he will be stopped on the way. Faisal Babu said that it was a good joke and it was something that PDP could not do at this time.

Faisal Babu also criticized that Madani’s politics, which started against Sangh Parivar fascism, was limited to the sole aim of attacking and subduing the Muslim League. Faisal Babu also alleged that some people used Madani as a weapon.

He also believes that Madani did not get a fair trial and justice. He was denied even basic human rights. Faisal Babu wrote on Facebook that those who decided that Madani’s ‘life should end in jail’ pushed his wheelchair to the stage in Ponnani and will continue to expose that hypocrisy in the available venues.

Faisal Babu said that Sufia Madani, who does not forget to hit the Muslim League every time she talks about her husband’s misfortune, criticizes her and if she continues her position, she will fight against her even more fiercely.

Faisal Babu added that he had not said a word with a deliberate intention to hurt and ridicule Madani, and let those who teach language and grammar to the Leaguers continue their work.

At the same time, Youth League National Secretary Adv. Controversial remarks by Faisal Babu.

‘In Bengaluru, you will see no man, no black cat, and no companion. Right and left are only his beloved children. Even his wife left at one point,’ said Faisal Babu.

‘You will see the man in Bengaluru. There is no black cat, no companion. Right and left are only his beloved children. Even his wife left at one point. Madani’s condition is similar to the picture seen on the poster about tuberculosis in Tirurangadi taluk hospital. Faisal Babu’s remark was that we will not celebrate it and similarly the man is staying at Soukhya Hospital in Bengaluru.

PDP also came out with criticism against Faisal Babu’s remarks. PDP State General Secretary Naushad Thikodi responded that Panakkad Sadiqali should clarify whether the position of Youth League All India Secretary Faisal Babu, who insulted Abdulnasir Madani and his family, is the position of the Muslim League.


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