Actress Payal Ghosh’s attack on Anurag Kashyap is still going on. Since accusing him of sexual exploitation, Payal has tried to surround Anurag through every platform. He also met many big leaders and kept this case in the limelight continuously. Now once again Payal Ghosh has made a big attack on Anurag Kashyap.

Anklet on anklet

Payal Ghosh has taunted Anurag in an interview to a news portal. He has given a statement regarding the personal life of the director. According to Payal, Anurag is so good that he left behind two women. She says about it – she is such a good, great and rockstar person that both of her wives left. If a good boy comes in my life, then I will not just want to be with him but also pray that he should stay with me for seven births. But Anurag was so good, yet his two wives were not even seven years old.

Both Anurag’s wife against Payal

Now it is known that since this controversy came to light, both Anartha’s wife Aarti and Kalki have openly supported him. Both described Payal’s allegations as baseless and called it a publicity stunt. In such a situation, Payal is not surprised to comment on Anurag’s love life. She wants to raise questions on her love life and show what kind of person Anurag is. In this case, Payal is getting full support of the Women’s Commission. A section of Bollywood has also stood in support of Payal. Kangna Ranaut’s name is also included in this list.

But due to this one dispute, Payal himself is facing many problems. Because he took the name of Richa Chadha in this dispute, the defamation case was also filed against him. Later, the actress had to apologize unconditionally in the court.


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