Pawan Singh and Neelam Giri's new Holi Song blast, got more than 7 crores views

The festival of Holi will be celebrated with great pomp in the country next week. But before this, the festival of Holi is being celebrated in Bhojpuri industry. All the singers of this industry are bringing more than one Holi Song. Holi songs of many other singers including Khesari Lal Yadav and Dinesh Lal Yadav are rocking YouTube.

Now Pawan Singh’s new Holi song has arrived. This Holi Song is very amazing. The name of this Holi Song is ‘Lahngwa Lass Lass Karta’. This song is sung by Pawan Singh himself. This song sounds even more fantastic in his voice. In the song, Pawan Singh and actress Neelam Giri’s audience are very fond of Holi.

Pawan Singh and Neelam’s romantic Holi

Pawan Singh and Neelam Giri are both playing Holi in a romantic style and color each other. This song has become superhit as soon as it arrives. The lyrics of this song are very cute. Its lyrics have been written by Arun Bihari, while its music has been given by Chhote Baba. Its music is also very good. This song by Pawan Singh is choreographed by Rahu and Ritwik and its video director is Ravi Pandit.

Watch here this song of Pawan Singh and Neelam Giri-

Found more than 70 million views

‘Lhangwa Lass Lass Kataa’ Holi Song was launched on the YouTube channel of worldwide record Bhojpuri last month. In this month itself, this song of Pawan Singh and Neelam Giri has received more than seven crore i.e. 71,012,280 views.

Pawan Singh achieved popularity with this song,
so Pawan Singh’s career started in 1997 but he has a song that made Pawan Singh a superstar Pawan Singh. Pawan Singh pulled out a song in the year 2008. The title was “Lollipop LaGelu”. When this song was released, it slowly created such a buzz that it started ringing in every party of UP Bihar. Over time, its popularity grew even more and today this song has crossed not only the borders of Bihar but also the borders of India.


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