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Pawan Kalyan – Ganta Srinivas: Political Additions And Removals At The Center Of Visakha, During PM Modi’s Visit To Visakhapatnam: Rumors Are Ganta Srinivasa Rao Met Pawan Kayan At Novotel Hotel: Where there is power, he is there. But this time the power is far away from him. It is said that the sea coast is constantly shouting that his tribe is making efforts to get closer to it. So who met whom at Visakha Novatel Hotel on November 12?

Ganta Srinivas and Pawan Kalyan

During Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Visakhapatnam on the 12th of this month, there was a political commotion in Visakhapatnam. It is said that all the politics of AP is concentrated in Visakhapatnam and does not create an environment that precedes the political storm. AP CM YS Jagan went to Visakhapatnam for Prime Minister’s visit, on the other hand, Janasena president Pawan also stayed in Visakhapatnam to meet Modi. On the other hand, AP BJP president Somu Veerraju also participated in the party’s core committee meeting with the Prime Minister. Along with this, key leaders of the respective parties also stayed in Visakhapatnam. But in this political noise, a silent Sadamia also made a fuss. He is said to be former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao. Visakha North MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao arrived at the Novotel Hotel at 1:00 p.m. immediately after the Prime Minister’s visit in the afternoon of the same day. He went directly to the fifth floor. As Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan was also present on the same floor, political speculations were raised.

Jana Sena-BJP alliance Balopethanika..?

They stayed on the fifth floor for almost two and a half hours. With this, there was a campaign that Ganta had met Pawan. It is said that there was a discussion in the political circles that the stage was set for Ganta to join the Jana Sena and that is why he went to the final talks with Pawan. But Ganta denied it. He said that he only went to have lunch with his friend, BJP leader TG Venkatesh, who was on the same floor, and that he did not know that Pawan was there until he went to TG Venkatesh’s room. But no matter how much the bell is said, the political bells are still ringing. It is being spread in the political circles that Pawan, TG, and Ganta… these three met and held talks to strengthen the Janasena-BJP alliance.

Party change campaign..

Ganta Srinivasa Rao, who served as the Human Resource Minister for five years in the first cabinet of AP after the partition along with the united Andhra Pradesh, won as the TDP MLA from Visakhapatnam in 2019. Since Ganta did not attend much of TDP events after that, there was a rumor that he would change the party. Nandi, who is steeped in AP politics and says that wherever there is power, will be there, has also given strength to the campaign. It has also been spread that the time has been finalized for him to join the ruling YCP. At that time there were also reports that Vijayasai Reddy objected to Ganta joining YCP.

Resignation over privatization of steel plant..

After that, Ganta resigned as a speaker in opposition to the privatization of the steel plant. He personally went to Amudalavala and met the Speaker for the acceptance of that resignation. After that, although he has been attending TDP programs from time to time, even his followers do not have the opinion that he is full with the party anywhere.

It’s all bad propaganda..

But Ganta’s argument on this is different. It is said that he joined the TDP in 1996 when the neutrals were invited and were elected as Anakapalli TDP MP in 1999 and Chodavaram TDP MLA in 2004. In 2009, he said that he had to join the PRP as the party merged with the Congress due to the background of the situation and his association with the mega family.

Later he resigned from Congress and joined TDP, he contested from Bhimili in 2014 and from Vizag North in 2019 TDP, out of all the five times he contested the elections, except for one in 2009 when he was elected as Anakapalli MLA from PRP, he contested from TDP four times. It is said that they are spreading bad propaganda that they will change parties. He has been saying that such cheap criticism is coming because he has not lost so far

Did the meeting happen? Otherwise..!

Did Ganta – Pawan – TG meet? Or is it all a trick easy campaign as Ganta said? Is the Jana Sena-BJP alliance going to contest the elections tomorrow? Have you been waiting for it? These questions will have to be answered by time as well as political parties. Political pundits say that it will be known in which party the political bell, which has been silent for many years, will ring again.


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