Pavitra Punia Says Her Mother Upset For Eijaz Khan Religion Actress Revealed

Bigg Boss 14 fame Pavitra Punia celebrated her birthday a day before. She has turned 34 years old. His boyfriend and actor Ejaz Khan celebrated his birthday in a very special way. These pictures of celebrations have also become very fast on social media. Now on the occasion of his birthday, Pavitra has made many surprising revelations about the relationship with Ejaz Khan.

In an interview given to the Holy Punia India Forum, he said that his mother is worried about the religion of Ejaz Khan. He also told about how things are happening in his family regarding the age and religion of Ijaz. He said, “We are both trying to understand each other and respect each other a lot.”

Age does not matter

Pavitra further said, “It is very important to understand each other or else there will be problems in the relationship. We both take care of each other very much. We are afraid of losing each other. I have a difference with the age of Ijaz Khan It doesn’t matter. There was a difference of 10-12 years in my mother and father’s era, and now this is happening, then there is no harm. Ijaz is now 45 years old. ”

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Mother has trouble with Ijaz’s religion

Pavitra Punia further said about Ijaz’s religion, “We both have different religions. Our families want both to give time to this relationship. Let each other’s family know. My mother used to be worried about Ijaz’s religion. But my father is very happy with this relationship. My mother feels that the culture of both of us is quite different. ”

Such increased proximity

Let me tell you that in Bigg Boss 14, Pavitra Punia and Ejaz Khan grew very close. Both took part in this reality show as contestants. Pavitra had dropped out of the show long ago. While Ejaz Khan had to drop out due to his project commitments. The two often appeared together after the show.


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